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Sage, a global accountancy software provider, carried out a survey identifying a 5% increase in the positive outlook of businesses, which is the biggest increase since the survey began in 2011. The trend is reflected worldwide within global businesses. London’s leading outsourced marketing and sales firm LGB Direct  is also on board with the current trend.

"It is important to stay upbeat and trust your strategy will bring success, regardless of the economic climate. Staying confident in your USP and continuously evolving is what has worked for us, despite the fluctuations on the market," says Lyudmil Borisov, MD at LGB Direct.

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Businesses around the world are becoming more optimistic about their own prospects. The industry has seen a shift in strategies and different approaches. Companies are adapting and trying out different techniques to help them grow. Some markets are advised to take advantage of this new economic confidence. LGB Direct is positive they will continue to advance, more now than ever when businesses are more open to investing in new techniques and methods to boost their market share.

"What we provide for our clients is a piece of mind. Outsourcing is cost effective and proven to bring revenue. Moreover we help companies improve their outlook and gain market share," says Lyudmil Borisov, MD at LGB Direct.

Another survey’s official results are expected to confirm growth in economic recovery. Finalised figures are to be published this week. They are to show an increase over the summer months, which is the fastest paced growth in more than three years.

There has been estimated growth in the second quarter of about 0.8% according to the economists. These are the UK’s best results since 2010. The same survey found that people are growing more optimistic about job opportunities and job security, which will result in more spending and ultimately boost the economy further. LGB Direct is confident that this will increase consumer confidence and continue to stabilise the market.


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