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The online printing industry in the UK is big business - but not for UK firms. Instead, the industry is dominated by foreign players who have seen a gap in the UK market for their services.

Now, top Netherlands-based printing firm Helloprint have announced their arrival in the UK, offering a hassle-free service with the lowest prices in the United Kingdom.

CEO Hans Scheffer was formerly a member of the board at Grafenia Plc - an AIM-listed firm previously known as Printing.com. He stepped down from the board of both Printing.com and subsidiary Media Facility Group (MFG) in late 2012 to focus on new ventures.

With 14 years of industry experience, he was one of the original pioneers of standardised online printing in Europe back in the year 2000, and now returns to the UK with a bright, young and ambitious team that is keen to make its mark as one of the UK's largest online printing firms.

Although this is Helloprint's first venture into the UK market, the company has a wealth of experience in the printing industry. One of the top players within the Netherlands, Helloprint quickly grew to become one of the country's largest online printing services with their Dutch label Drukzo.nl, and have always had the ambition to launch their service internationally.

Combining their printing orders internationally, Helloprint are able to offer the best rates on all of their promotional printing products. In the Netherlands, they are known for their efficient, no-nonsense service - and are bringing the same level of professionalism, quality, speed and affordability to the UK. In the Netherlands, the company proved time and time again that they were able to fulfil orders cheaper and faster than the competition - and this continues to be their aim today.

Offering everything from banners and brochures to presentation folders and pens, Helloprint provide a wide range of professional printing services for both individuals and businesses. Helloprint's mission is to deliver every customer's order in the most effective way possible; at whatever time they want, wherever they want and through whichever channel they require.

Printed products are available from Helloprint in a wide range of different sizes and paper thicknesses, with customers having the ability to customise their orders and pay securely online. Files for printing are sent directly to the Helloprint team, who check every individual file thoroughly, completely free of charge.

Helloprint is a printing company that understands how great the competition within the UK printing industry is, but that strives to differentiate itself from the competition thanks to the quality of its products and the professionalism of its service. The brand operates with no small print whatsoever, meaning that customers pay for exactly what they require with no get out clauses or hidden fees. With 14 years of experience in the Dutch market, they also understand the importance of a strong team; which is why they only recruit team members who are the very best fit for the job.

Says Sebastiaan Ram, manager of Helloprint UK, "At Helloprint, we appreciate the competitive English printing industry, but are confident our products, services and prices will help us recreate the success we experienced in Europe's mainland."

For more information about Helloprint UK, visit http://www.helloprint.co.uk.
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