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Ed Hollands, the 24 year old entrepreneur from Derby who appeared on the BBC series Dragons’ Den earlier this year has launched his first branded lorry fleet with holiday brand 

The brand, based out of Leeds, has signed an agreement with DrivenMedia to take their brand on the road on ten lorries over the next 13 months. 

The  lorries will travel the length and breadth of the UK to boost awareness of the icelolly brand and the fact that it delivers millions of holiday deals to customers across the UK every year.  

DrivenMedia, the company founded by young entrepreneur Ed Hollands, will be responsible for logistics including dressing the fleet in bespoke livery.

Ed came to the nation’s attention in February this year when he appeared on the BBC tv series Dragons’ Den and secured investment from Dragon Jenny Campbell, founder and CEO of YourCash Europe and known as the Cashpoint Queen.  

Ed said: "It's thrilling to be able to launch a fleet of branded lorries for a client like who saw the potential of this form of out-of-home marketing. It's been a challenge to get everything ready but we're on the road!."

The campaign will see the fleet circulate in key regions around the UK including Scotland, London, Southampton and Wales. Each lorry will be fully wrapped in icelolly’s colours incorporating the logo, with beach ball graphics and the names of some of the holiday price comparison website’s most popular holiday search destinations.

Darren Kunar, head of marketing communications for, said: “Using these lorries is a great way to inform new audiences about and spread the word that we deliver millions of holidays to people across the UK every year.”

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