Changes in education are often slow and tough to implement. According to the BBC, a huge issue faced in our classrooms isn’t necessarily lack of resources, but lack of knowledge on the part of teachers.

A UK survey by tech firm, Logicalis, found around 23% of 13-17-year-olds are planning a career in IT. But researchers for the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (Nesta) say hardware often lies unused in classrooms due to lack of knowledge on the part of the teacher.

Nesta estimates around £1.4 billion is spent each year in the UK on school IT hardware like tablets, interactive whiteboards and educational software. But the report found many tech resources lie unused or are not used to maximum learning potential. It’s hoped Nesta will encourage schools to a) only spend on genuinely beneficial technology, b) provide teacher training to maximise the usefulness of hardware and software, and c) focus on the gradual implementation of practical changes like using tablets to take notes, video calling to access lectures from across the globe, etc.

UK gadget website, Money4Machines, said teachers need more ongoing support in IT education.

"As any teacher will tell, you’re on your own a lot of the time in terms of everything from cleaning paint pots to sourcing interesting assignments. Some of our team have worked in classrooms in the past, and they say top priority for the Powers that Be has to be providing continued support for teachers who aren’t tech savvy. A high school English teacher close to retirement should be afforded the same support to enhance lessons with technology as a young IT lecturer."

The number of schools looking to sell laptop and tablet devices that are seldom used could increase if more support is not offered to struggling teachers. Money4Machines said,

"It’s never to late to learn how to use something like Evernotes on the iPad effectively. And you don’t need to sell iPad tablets or video conferencing equipment just because it involves educating the teachers responsible. Teachers need effective ongoing support and motivation to implement technology in the classroom."

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