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Award-winning sales and marketing collective Uproar Vision, has this week committed to providing positive and inspiring role models to young professionals within its industry.  

As a direct marketing, company Uproar Vision specialises in below-line customer acquisition. Their main focus is to bridge the gap between their clients and consumers using face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns.  

About the firm: http://www.uproarvision.co.uk/about-us/

The sales and marketing industry is an incredibly competitive and requires the right positive attitude and willingness to learn the ropes. Uproar Vision reward these individuals with fantastic opportunities to receive one-to-one mentoring from individuals who are already established within the industry to share their top tips and provide an individual development program.  

A recent study has shown that women are being held back from competitive industries and entrepreneurship due to a lack of support and role models. One in ten women in the UK now wants to set up a business and be entrepreneurs. Yet, something known as a ‘confidence curve’ between the ages of 25-39 seems to be holding the most likely candidates back. In addition to that one in five women at this stage in their life have said that they would like to set up their own businesses – this is more than twice the national average. However, just 64 percent feel they have the confidence to actually make their dreams become a reality. 

Uproar Vision believes that professionals need to understand and find ways to overcome this ‘confidence curve’ as it could lead to great things in the UK especially for the economy during these uncertain times.  

The firm state that If one out of five women actually ended up setting up their own company this has the potential to provide a further 425,000 UK jobs by the end of 2020. As a result offering the potential to pump a further £10.1 billion to the UK economy  

Uproar Vision boasts an impressive mentorship team with two award-winning leaders at its helm - Claristelle Labrador and Lyudmil Borisov - the pair are committed to offering support to all young professionals through one-on-one mentorship and weekly workshops. There are many ways in which the firm are providing positive and inflectional development to their contractors: they believe in continuous training and growth and adopt the ideology that if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. They want to create an environment that people can succeed, grow and be inspired. Uproar Vision understands that having a supportive, friendly and welcoming atmosphere is vital for any businesses productivity and growth. 


Uproar Vision delivers exciting personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of clients. For more information Follow @UproarVision on Twitter and Like them on Facebook

Contact Name:
Claristelle Labrador
Managing Director
Uproar Vision