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Upstream Works Software Ltd., a provider of Omnichannel Contact Centre solutions, announces Version 4.0 of its signature software, Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF). This release focuses on keeping customers engaged and loyal across the entire customer journey, easily crossing conversational boundaries and providing real-time visibility, collaboration, and control of agents and teams. UWF’s new features and capabilities empower brands to deliver innovative customer care across every channel today, with the flexibility to continually evolve with the changing customer care landscape.

Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) provides a comprehensive omnichannel solution for Cisco contact centres, powering CX engagement with an intuitive desktop, seamless integrations, and deeper data insights. With UWF V4.0, Unified Digital Messaging provides agents with continuous conversations across messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat, and the cross-channel customer experience is further supported with Bots, Proactive Web Chat enhancements, Social Care, and Video engagement. Flexible APIs and the new Interceptable Messaging Pipeline architecture provide innovative ways to build and evolve complex workflows for additional business intelligence. Supervisors have a new, customisable interface with real-time visibility and insights for on-the-fly team management.

“Customer conversations aren’t limited to traditional channels like voice and email, so your contact centre shouldn’t be either,” explains Rob McDougall, President and CEO, Upstream Works Software. “Organisations need to meet and serve customers wherever they are – on your website, on social media, through applications, or through escalations from bots. It’s not enough to add a channel – to be competitive, you have to offer full capabilities and analytics for the entire customer experience. With Release 4.0 of UWF, we are leveraging every channel, providing rich conversational data and flexible APIs to bring new capabilities to organisations so they can exceed customer expectations for service levels and consistency.”

With these new features plus support for Cisco Finesse 12 and enhancements to security and reporting, contact centers can offer unprecedented customer engagement while optimising team and agent performance.

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Upstream Works provides best-in-class Omnichannel Contact Centre software for the Cisco Collaboration Platform to increase customer engagement and agent success. We bring the customer journey together across all channels, interactions and applications with seamless integration and management simplicity. For over 15 years, organisations around the world and across industries have benefited from Upstream Works’ experience and expertise, gaining operational efficiency and transforming the connected customer experience.

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