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Each era of courtship over the last century has had its positives, negatives, and its own plethora of unwritten rules. Particularly over the last 20 years, personal relationships have evolved within our culture in the same way that just about every other part of our lives have.

Recognising this, online dating website Urban Social recently published an infographic on the topic. We spoke with Jim Strong, founding director of Urban Social, about this latest infographic which looks at relationships and technology through each generation. 

We asked Jim “What makes this such an important topic for an infographic?”. He replies “We realise there are many assumptions made between the generations regarding their use of technology, especially within the world of dating. So, we wanted to summarise in an infographic the traits and attitudes that typically characterise each age group, so we can better understand why people view the dating process in the way they do”.

The infographic created by Urban Social is published at: https://www.urbansocial.com/blog/online-dating-trends-technology-impact-across-generations-infographic/

The infographic starts with Generation Z (those born between 1993 and 1999). It demonstrates that adults within this age group are so used to technology that it’s as vital to them as air and water. Having grown up through the financial crash, terrorism and reality TV, this generation is likely to play the field and have several dating partners on the go at once. Jim said: “27% of Generation Z have used a dating website or app, which we think points to how integral modern technology is in their lives. They might order up a date in the same way they would order a pizza or shop for new clothes.”

The next part of the infographic looks at Generation Y – also known as the Millennials. Referring to those born between 1983 and 1992, Generation Y want instant results. More open and transparent than the generations before them, this group are similar to Generation Z in that they remember little of life before modern technology and rely on it heavily.

Xennials (those born between 1973 and 1982) are next on the infographic. Having seen the rise of the internet and mobile phones, in particular, this group have embraced the march of technology with 21% of Xennials having used a dating website or app to find love. However, Jim is quick to point out that “Xennials are the age group that is actually most likely to be interested in a casual ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship. Having lived through more than one recession, witnessed the harsh reality of a lack of jobs for life and the rise of a throwaway culture, Xennials can be very choosy about who they wish to associate with.”

Conversely Generation X, according to the infographic, is rather a mix of individuals. Some of this group embrace technology wholeheartedly, whilst others still prefer more traditional ways of finding love. Less reserved and more rebellious than the generation before, Generation X became adults before technology was the be-all-and-end-all of daily life. “13% of those born between 1963 and 1972 have used a dating website or app to look for a partner. Although this is more than the generations before them, it still shows a reluctance compared to those born later” Says Jim.

Baby Boomers are up next. Those born in 1945 to 1962 are the second least likely group to use an online dating website or app, with only 12% having tried. Perhaps more used to traditional pen and paper and face to face communication, Baby Boomers are most interested in building lasting relationships with high-quality matches. Jim said “The generation born immediately after the Second World War is likely to see modern technology as a hindrance and only an occasional help. Used to working hard for what they want in life, this group knows how they like to do things and although not averse to modern technology is likely to regard it with caution.” 

The infographic finally rounds off with the Silent Generation – those born between 1925 and 1945. Having witnessed the fallout of the First World War, as well as having lived through the Second, members of this generation value predictability and stability and are often averse to change. With only 3% having used an online dating website or mobile app, technology is often viewed with suspicion and reluctance. Interested in traditional courtship with a view to marriage, the Silent Generation is also most likely to be concerned with safety and security when it comes to strangers and technology 

To view the infographic in full, complete with further statistics and analysis, click https://www.urbansocial.com/blog/online-dating-trends-technology-impact-across-generations-infographic and see for yourself!

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