It may sound very much like the plot from the film Gamer. It’s a bit of a jump on our part, but if US cyber warriors can train remotely for attacks using tiny scale models of their targets, surely an army of convicts controlled by teen gamers in battles to the death can’t be too far away?

But jokes aside, the US has never been much for under-reacting, so one of their latest public military training schemes – NetWars CyberCity – is nothing short of gloriously over-the-top and really quite exciting.

Or maybe not.

The environment has been designed by the SANS Institute to simulate eighteen different missions based on protecting the infrastructure of America, including banks, power supply sites, hospitals and government buildings.

US hackers are set various missions in response to hypothetical cyber attacks. These missions last between a few hours and several days, and are designed to test every aptitude and skill in the hackers’ arsenals.

Helping one sell mobile phones and tablets securely is pretty much the limit of our technical capability (actually, that’s not true, but our high scores on Battlefield 2142 and Monkey Island 3 aren’t really professionally useful in terms of Money4Machines website security!)

Cyber attacks aren’t a common part of our business – we have exceptional website security which means one can sell iPads, UK-based GPS devices and all the other bits and bobs we accept through our gadget recycling teams… when they’re not trying to use the hair of a stinky dog to make a snake vomit up Guybrush Threapwood (one for the Monkey Island 3 fans!)

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