Fed up with winter? If you work away from home you'll probably be sick to the back teeth with getting up in the dark, leaving work in the dark and bumbling around your home like a mole under yellowy lighting all evening. If you're really unlucky you might have an extreme reaction and develop SAD. In which case it's a good idea to see your GP. But most of us just feel gloomy. If you're one of the millions in the UK who's feeling a bit glum right now, perhaps it's time to invest in a couple of 'daylight' bulbs.      

These days full spectrum daylight bulbs are much more affordable than they used to be. You can get a low energy 100 Watt equivalent daylight bulb with bayonet or screw fitting. And it's surprisingly bright. Daisy Bell, discount code expert, agrees. ”The light they give off is really lovely. It's a clean, white light rather than the nasty yellowy glow you get from most ordinary bulbs. “

Of course it's nothing like as bright as the specialist SAD lights you can buy. But the light is bright enough to help wake you up gently and naturally on a dark winter's morning. People report it cheers them up. There's solid science to back their claims – daylight has a clear role in waking us up. In general, it's just so much easier to see clearly in natural light.  

You'll probably pay around £8 upwards for a full spectrum 100W equivalent bulb, depending on where you buy. They can cost as much as £18 so it is well worth shopping around for the best deal. They're energy efficient and use very little power. They last much longer than an old-style bulb. And you only need to use a daylight bulb in rooms where you spend a lot of time in the mornings and evenings. Say your kitchen and living room. If you have ceiling spots in your kitchen you can always fit your daylight bulb in a table lamp, wall light or standard lamp. 

“Because there's a wide variance in the cost“ concludes Bell, “it's wise to track down the best deal. The less you spend, the sooner you'll recoup your money in saved energy. Discount codes are always a good place to start.” is one of the UK's fastest growing discount and voucher code websites helping you save even more money from hundreds of the nations favourite brands such as TescoHolland and Barrett, Alpharooms and many, many more...


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