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With the firm’s CEO attributing success to his network of peers, Middlesbrough-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists Vanguard Marketing have commented on why entrepreneurs need a solid network to create their net-worth.

The 2018 entrepreneur needs to make it a priority to go out of their way to be part of a business network. For the new entrepreneur, they need to look for successful entrepreneurs to act as their initial mentor. Experienced entrepreneurs are more than willing to help new ones build a solid business foundation by giving them guidance and advice on how to improve themselves, their concepts and their approaches to business ownership.

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Sales and marketing specialists Vanguard Marketing urge their staff and contractors to assemble a diverse and robust network. The firm pushes this message because the key to personal growth and business success is having a tight and supportive business network and that small business survive by networking and building strong business relationships. For the hard-working lifestyle of an entrepreneur, networking also generates encouragement among other entrepreneurs.

Having a business network is a valuable way to expand a person’s knowledge, learn how other people are becoming successful, and to promote an entrepreneur’s business or venture. It can give rise to different opportunities including travel, connections and clients, and helps with learning and development through the sharing of advice. All in all, it is a positive influence while helping raise an entrepreneur’s confidence in the big wide business world.

Vanguard Marketing are advocates for entrepreneurs having a secure network around them. As entrepreneurship gets increasingly popular in the UK, especially for the millennial generation, Vanguard Marketing regularly experience the driving force of Middlesbrough’s entrepreneurs first hand and are confident that, as long as a secure network surrounds them, entrepreneurship is only set to gain even more power across the UK.

‘I truly believe that a person is only as good as the people that surround them, which is why the peers that encompass an entrepreneurs network is vital to how well they will do in the business world’ said the CEO of Vanguard Marketing.


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