VAPESTICK, one of the UK’s most popular and widely distributed e-cigarette brands has taken advantage of its e-cigarette technology and branched out from its core business of tobacco alternatives, to offer a range of shisha alternatives as well. The new V-Shisha range comes only with Zero (0%) nicotine and in a variety of colours and flavours.

The initial product launch includes a ‘5 pack’ ; a re-usable carry box containing 5 different coloured disposable e–cigarettes, each with different flavours, like blueberry (blue), grape (purple), peach (peach), strawberry (red) and apple (green). Each V-Shisha e-cigarette delivers around 300 puffs and comes with a jewelled tip, which lights up blue each time the user inhales.

Co-founder and Managing Director at VAPESTICK, Michiel Carmel said, “Everyone knows that real shisha or hookah pipe smoking is as harmful, if not more so, than tobacco smoking, and yet real shisha smoking has become enormously popular in recent years, with more and more dedicated restaurants and bars opening up to accommodate the growing demand. By introducing our V-Shisha e-cigarette range, we have helped to take shisha ‘mobile’ and at the same time taken away the harmful consequences of real shisha smoking.”

In just the few weeks since its launch, V-Shisha sales have massively exceeded Vapestick’s expectations, so much so that manufacturing production has now ramped up by more than 800%, to try and keep pace with the demand.

Swathes of V-Shisha users have taken to twitter to post pictures and express their delight with Vapestick’s new range addition, with tweets such as:

Marius Listhrop(@Mazzi_Maz), ‘The flavoured V-Shisha from @VAPESTICKis amazing! Loving dat grape haha :p

Anton Murphy(@ANTON_MURPHY) “Chilling with my grape flavour v-shisha stick! Everyone needs these!!”

Lilly Miller(@Lilliociraptor), “grape is good but peach is the ultimate flavor!

David Sholtz(@dordje), “love the V-Shisha #ecig! Will make #notsmoking on holiday easier!

As the V-Shisha e-cigarette range contains no nicotine, there is no danger of a nicotine addiction for anyone over the age of 18, whether they are smokers, ex-smokers, shisha smokers or non-smokers.

For more information about the V-Shisha range, and the other products available from VAPESTICK, visit

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