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Vapor Shop Direct CBD established in late 2018, and is a branch of the popular vape store Vapor Shop Direct which offers its customers a variety of vaping supplies including e-cigarette kits, mods, accessories and e-liquids. The CBD store is specifically targeted towards those seeking more information regarding CBD and Hemp related products.

If you are already a customer of the Vapor Shop Direct CBD website then you may be pleased to hear about the new distribution website announced allowing wholesale orders of popular CBD brands.

Since 2016, CBD has risen in popularity dramatically sparking a national hunt for the best products and topical uses for the ingredient also found in plants. CBD is one of 8 popular cannabinoids which are reported to have different effects. CBD at the right dosage tends to deliver a clear-headed effect without the sometimes intoxicating effects of THC. Along with many other reported benefits including pain, inflammation, anxiety and other chronic conditions.

With the clear intention of creating a marketplace for the most popular CBD products, the company spokesperson added;

"It was clear that CBD was a popular product which has a high demand and better reputation compared to other cannabis related products, the idea that a natural ingredient can have a healing effect on the body sparked an interest immediately. From there, we set to find the best products available."

The distribution website is marketed towards health stores, retail outlets and other fellow vape shops which can take advantage of low prices of a variety of products including vape juice, e-liquids, edibles, creams and tablets. Giving other businesses an instant channel of communication to purchase some of the best products available.

There are many benefits of traditional wholesale or distribution services including minimum order quantities, cheaper prices, access to a larger product base and often local services which can reduce shipping costs.

For anyone interested in seeking a reliable partner for wholesale CBD, then we recommend viewing more information online at

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