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In June last year, Ventas Central announced the changes the firm would make to their data policy to comply with the EU Data Protection Regulations which was launched in January last year. Despite the new policy drafted by the European Commission, which predicted it would come into effect by 2017, businesses in the EU are still failing to update their data policies.

On 3rd March 2014, the Direct Marketing Association published an article titled, ‘DMA warns industry 1 in 3 businesses failing to prepare for data protection upheavals.’ Ventas Central believes that most businesses are failing to upgrade their data policy due to the damaging affect it could have on consumer attitudes on how data is stored and collected. However, as changes to the EU Data Protection Regulations will still occur, Ventas Central claim that businesses who take action now will have a competitive advantage, than those who don’t.

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The results from a study conducted by the DMA in January 2013 claimed that 81 per cent of businesses believed that changing attitudes to data privacy will make it harder to make direct contact with consumers over the next 12 months. The changes to the policy will require businesses to explicitly ask all customers for their permission for their personal data to be used for activities currently taken for granted. However, due to the high volume of data theft incidents occurred in recent years, businesses feel that consumers will be much more protective of their data, meaning that getting their permission will be very difficult.

Ventas Central agree with Nick Banbury, the Data Strategy Partner at direct and digital agency Tangible that “companies need to start thinking differently about customer data, and realise that access to it is a privilege, not a right.”

Ventas Central urge other businesses to follow suit and upgrade their policy now instead of risk being confronted with serious data issues when the policy comes into full effect. Ventas Central say that businesses will have to work harder than before to communicate with consumers, and engage them enough for them to want to share their personal information. Ventas Central, who specialise in direct marketing and meeting customers face-to-face, claim building relationships has always been a top priority for the firm and believe they will be less affected by the new policy that most other businesses.  

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