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VG Acquisitions understands this very well and have put into place a plan that will allow steady growth while maintaining excellent results for their clients.

As the new year sweeps in, the firm will start their first push by sending multiple individuals on business trips into surrounding markets. By doing this, the firm is likely to test out these markets and demographics and will capitalise on where the most success is seen.

VG Acquisitions:

“We’re going into 2020 with ‘guns blazing’ – so to speak. There’ll be business trips across three states, Maryland, Virginia and the Metro DC area. Once we see the results come in, we’ll analyse the data and see where we believe will be the best place to extend our expansion,” stated Mr Alex Diaz, CEO at the company. “With the results, we saw in 2019, we’re confident that within the first quarter we’ll be preparing some of our team for permanent positions in these areas,” he added.

VG Acquisitions has seen fantastic growth throughout the last half of 2019. Maryland has been an excellent fit for their clients where they’re able to boast an impressive return on investment at one hundred per cent. That’s why their clients have extended their budget for the expansion, hoping to increase their revenue by working with the firm.

“It’s likely that we will see a few offices open up across the US in the next two years. We want to grow quickly, but we also know we have to get it right. There’s no point in rushing if it doesn’t benefit our clients or us. We have to make sure our entrepreneurs are correctly trained and ready for the market,” highlighted Mr Diaz.

What the company are excited about is the chance to gain more clients before the years end potentially, however it remains to be seen based on the performance throughout the year.

VG Acquisitions are looking for talented individuals with a desire to succeed to join their team of entrepreneurs. If you’re a self-starter with a business mindset, send your resume to today!

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