Suffolk, England – 20 November 2012 – In April of this year, Mediapost reported a 40 percent increase in the amount of online videos that consumers watched when compared to the previous year. As a result of similar statistics and of the consumer market spending more and more time online, video marketing has become an integral piece of any successful marketing scheme.

Direct consumer advertising can be very expensive to produce and disseminate, and trends have shown that it is being overtaken by online marketing. In contrast, an online video is fairly inexpensive to create, and success can be measured by the number of hits a video receives since hits often translate into profits.

The best online videos engage users quickly. They create brand awareness, and they tell a story. A recently launched UK media Company, has the experience, creativity and technology to create videos that do all that and more. They produce stunning, HD quality films that will engage consumers whilst distinguishing a Company’s products or services, and their innovative try-before-you-buy program guarantees that their customers will be satisfied with their purchase. Andrew Bayley, Director of the Internet-based media agency states "our aim has been to create a systemised process using high-end production hardware and software, as well as our vast media experience , in order to make video production affordable to businesses of all sizes."

Companies that post videos on their websites can also link those videos to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, generating even more awareness for their products or services. According to ComScore, viewers are watching approximately 22 hours of video a month, with most of that time realistically being broken down into shorter clips lasting a few minutes each. It's obvious, with statistics like these, that failing to take advantage of video marketing is a mistake that online companies cannot afford to make.


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