Registration is open for a unique course, which offers a new wave of economic thinking for those looking for an alternative to the current ‘boom and bust’ nature of the world order.

The pioneering Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS) summer school provides an exciting opportunity to learn, debate and understand a different approach to the subject.

Held in Vienna, the heartland of the Economy for the Common Good* social movement - which provides a framework for the content – the two-and-a-half week-long course attracts a broad audience including undergraduate and post graduate students, as well as people with interests and careers in politics, philosophy, economics and finance.

All teaching and associated social activities are carried out in English and last year 53 participants from 33 countries took part, collaborating, investigating and debating how economic, political, monetary and environmental factors need to be changed to be more sustainable.

The presence of distinguished academics, combined with the atmospheric setting of Vienna, high quality, innovative teaching, and the diversity of the students all create an outstanding experience for participants.

Its success led last year to AEMS securing Austria’s ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ award for its outstanding support related to sustainable development.

Günther Jedliczka, CEO of the OeAD-Housing Office, said: “The summer school offers UK and Irish students the opportunity to head to Vienna for a truly unique experience.

“AEMS explores the economy of the future and how it can adapt to balance some of the turmoil, strains and challenges of modern life and gives those taking part the chance to build a global network of contacts for the future, enhance their CVs and study in an environment with a truly global perspective.

“At the start of the programme we look at climate change, which is a significant economic and environmental issue.

“From there, we look at alternatives to the capitalist system, where profits still count but factors such as life-work balance, ethics, sustainability and the environment count.

“The summer school also investigates how happiness and satisfaction are key drivers rather than material goods.”

The AEMS summer school takes place from July 26 to August 11, 2017.

As part of the unique student experience, OeAD is able to place students in its new, high-profile passive house student housing, giving those taking part have the opportunity to experience life in modern, sustainable environments.

The OeAD-Housing Office – which won the Austrian Climate Protection Award in 2013 and the Environmental Award of the City of Vienna in March 2015 – operates AEMS under a not-for-profit arrangement.

The cost of the course is €1390. This price includes all social activities as well as accommodation in OeAD’s passive house student properties in Vienna. The cost also includes additional accommodation for participants of almost a week, enabling them to explore the city at leisure.

Students completing the AEMS summer school are awarded five ECTS points.

As well as AEMS, OeAD also runs the Green Building Solutions course (GBS), which brings together the latest thinking in sustainable construction. GBS takes place from July 22 to August 13, 2017.

More details about AEMS and GBS can be found at


Notes to Editors

*The Economy for the Common Good is a social movement, which calls for an alternative economic model, based on working towards the common good and co-operation instead of profit-orientation and competition.

Christian Felber coined the term in his book ‘Change Everything: Creating an Economy for the Common Good,’ first published in English in 2015 and he is closely associated with the AEMS summer school.

Felber supports the use of a ‘common good balance sheet’ as opposed to a financial balance sheet, which reflects the extent to which a company abides by values like human dignity, solidarity and economic sustainability.

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