Twitter’s new mini-video app could present valuable opportunities for brands to add more imagination and creativity to their messaging, says integrated PR, social media and SEO agency Punch Communications.

The potential of the app has been recognised by an array of global organisations such as NBC, MTV and Mashable, which are already using the platform to convey messages to their audience in creative ways. One of Vine’s main advantages is that it makes it easy to capture, create, upload and share audio-visual messages.

The app, which was recently launched by Twitter’s Vine Labs, has been described as the "Instagram of video". It allows users to either take a continuous six-second video or to automatically stitch together individual clips taken during the allowed time to create an effect similar to stop motion. The recorded clips then run on an infinite loop similar to GIF images and can be easily shared through Facebook and Twitter directly from the app.

So far brands have opted to stay away from conveying traditional advertising messages through the app, instead choosing to use the platform in a more creative manner such as creating stop frame animation and taking advantage of the looping attribute.

Keredy Andrews, account director at integrated social media, search and PR company Punch Communications commented: "Vine offers brands the potential to get even more creative with their messaging and I envisage that a number of marketing teams will start using the platform in the coming months as the benefits of the app become more apparent."

While Vine has the potential to be a great asset for brands and social media agencies, the platform isn’t without its challenges. The message has to be conveyed to the user within the six-second time frame and therefore Vine is perhaps more suited to ‘teaser’ type activities for product launches or as a snapshot of wider campaigns.

Keredy continues: "Visual content is often very well-received by social network users and the very essence of social media is about users creating and sharing their own content. Vine simply takes these values and allows user-generated videos to become easily shareable and accessible.

“Brands should certainly investigate Vine and see if it is an appropriate tool with which to engage their audiences.”

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