At this time of year traditionally people make new year resolutions to lose weight, or stop drinking or indeed give up smoking.

The latest estimate for the UK is that approx 10 million people still smoke tobacco; however, a rising number of smokers are now switching across to electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, or e cigs as they are known, contain no tobacco but do contain the nicotine that a smoker craves. The latest estimate on e cig users in the UK is 700,000 and this figure is rising steadily year on year.

The irony here is that because electronic cigarettes have not been clinically tested, companies selling them are not allowed to market them as nicotine replacement therapy, like patches or chewing gum, as an aid to help you quit smoking. There is however, a growing number of testimonials and feedback from people who have reported that electronic cigarettes have indeed helped them to quit smoking.  

Fumus Electronic Cigarettes, a UK brand of e cigs, have decided to commission research on how people actually use e cigs. In conjunction with Teesside University in Middlesbrough, they are about to start two research projects and are looking for volunteers nationally to take part.

The first research project is for 100 or more adult smokers who genuinely want to quit smoking tobacco and are prepared to use e cigs as an aid to achieving that goal.

The second research project is centred around smoking in the workplace. For this research they want to hear from employers who are prepared to allow their employees who smoke, to use electronic cigarettes in the workplace; therefore making the traditional "fag breaks" a thing of the past. With this project the research is trying to measure any improvement in company productivity and staff relations between smokers and non smokers.

Company spokesperson for Fumus Electronic Cigarettes, Jim Gillespie, says "we have been selling e cigs in the UK now since 2009 and have many emails and testimonials from satisfied customers who have thanked us for helping them quit smoking with the help of e cigs. The UK government is investigating the use of e cigs this year, so we felt it was appropriate to commission some independent research that we can share with government, to hopefully assist them in making an informed decision on the use of e cigs in the UK.

As an incentive to participate in this research, Fumus Electronic Cigarettes are offering their starter packs at half price to all volunteers who take part.

If you or indeed your business would like to participate in either or both of these research projects, please contact Fumus on 01429 287330 or email mail@fumus.co.uk

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