National Cherry Day is on 16th July 2014, and to build interest in this important day, My Favourite Voucher Codes has not only created a series a blogs with delicious cherry recipes, but also given consumers some fantastic shopping voucher codes. After all, who said that tasty grub had to cost an arm and a leg?

National Cherry Day isn’t just about eating lots of cherries though, it’s designed to increase demand for the British cherry. Over the past 50 years, around 9 in 10 British cherry orchards have been eliminated and replaced with modern, commercial businesses. Southern and western England is now home to just 750 acres of cherry trees. It might seem quite big, but there was as much as 1750 acres in the early 1990s. 

Cherries may only be in season for a few short weeks in Britain, but they are worth the wait. Small, but perfectly formed, with a deep red colours and succulent, sweet flavour, British cherries can be used in a variety of wonderful dishes. My Favourite Voucher Codes has posted four fantastic recipes on its website, all of which you can make for less with top voucher codes for the likes of Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and many more.

Cherry pie

This American classic has made its way across the pond and is definitely a firm favourite here in the UK too. Sweet pastry wrapped around sharp, sour cherries, like the Morello or Montmorency, it’s a delicious thing.

You can find out how to make cherry pie, what ingredients you’ll need, and how to save up to £15 off your shopping with voucher codes for Tesco, Ocado, and Sainsbury’s on the cherry pie blog.

Roast duck and cherry sauce

For something a bit different on a Sunday, how about you try this tasty duck recipe? Roast duck is definitely best served pink and with a generous helping of cherry sauce.

Get the recipe, and those all-important voucher codes, this time for Hello Fresh, Asda, and Waitrose, on the second blog in the series.

Cherry Clafoutis

Instead of travelling across the pond for pudding, this time My Favourite Voucher Codes has gone over the Channel to France for a traditional Clafoutis. This sumptuous dessert is the perfect dish to follow your roast duck.

Find all the ingredients and the method for this dessert, along with money saving voucher codes for Aldi, Marks & Spencer, and Whole Foods, on this blog. 

Black forest gateau

Last, but by no means least, is My Favourite Voucher Codes’ most luxurious recipe: black forest gateau. This is technically a German dessert, but it is also quintessentially British. You just can’t beat the combination of fresh cherries, light whipped cream and rich chocolate.

Try your hand at this gateau and impress your friends and family, while keeping your spend down with another great selection of voucher codes. You’ll find everything need on the final blog.


Julian House, founder of My Favourite Voucher Codes, said: "We think it’s incredibly important to celebrate National Cherry Day, and thought the perfect way to do so was to arm our visitors with great recipes and great savings."

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