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Leading cloud-based voucher and gift card tech provider VoucherCart rally to the aid of businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, by offering cost savings for use of their powerful automated gift card and voucher technology platform and by adding more onboarding team members to cope with demand.

The platform allows businesses to take payment in full and in advance on all sales of their voucher, gift card, and memberships as well as issuing complimentary and free vouchers with any values they choose to their customers in cases of refund requests.

This assists businesses to generate revenue, avoid costly refunds by issuing complimentary vouchers and otherwise stem the tide of losses they are facing through mandatory lock-downs.

See examples of what they offer: https://demo.vouchercart.com/10799/covid-monetary-voucher

Head of channel sales at VoucherCart Dawn Galmiche says:

“We understand the plight of businesses globally at this time and are doing what we can to support them through this period of lock-downs and uncertainty.  Businesses are still able to sell vouchers, gift cards and discounted and value-added offers online, allowing them to drive cash directly and immediately into their bank for products and services they can deliver later down the line.  We’ve reduced our monthly subscription fees across the board and are waiving our 1st month’s fees entirely. We’ve leveraged fast onboarding, and expanded our onboarding team to cope with demand, so businesses can get their vouchers live and can now start selling same-day.”

As many business owners have realised, Vouchers and gift cards are the single most profitable commodity they can sell with some 25% of gift cards purchased going unredeemed. Additionally, they provide payment in full and in advance.

Businesses using VoucherCart benefit from slick creation, promotion, and sales technology driving revenue quickly with end-to-end management of their gift cards, eVouchers, memberships, and tickets.

For businesses trying to survive in these challenging times, it’s a lifesaver, driving much-needed revenue and new customer acquisition, whilst removing the need for manual processing and dispatch of gift cards or vouchers through legacy systems.

Businesses wishing to take advantage of the VoucherCart COVID-19 support offer can register here and will automatically receive the 1st month’s fee waiver: https://vouchercart.com/ and free accelerated onboarding.

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