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The ticket-only event boasts business and entrepreneurial superstar speakers Gary V, Grant Cardone and Tia Lopez.

There's a real buzz at VP Birmingham office as Managing Director Vasile Topciu announces there are four tickets up for grabs for next week's 25th anniversary National Achievers Congress Tour. "We love competition in the office, and everyone is fired up to claim these tickets, the winner will benefit from expert advice and experience from some of the biggest commercial names in the business. Who will win? We will announce next week." Managing Director Vasile was quoted in a recent interview.

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All contractors are in for a chance of attending the exclusive event which promotors promise to offer "exclusive access to global business and entrepreneurial superstars with game-changing strategies and learn to hone the skills needed for personal and corporate success". The two-day event will take place on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th November at Resort World Arena, Birmingham. The event will be packed full of successful entrepreneurs and business experts amongst the headline speakers. There will be a variety of topics on stage throughout the day that would benefit entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the announcement for the headline guest speaker schedule, Gary V, Grant Cardone and Tia Lopez. Their expertise has the capability of accelerating growth and inspiring business ideas and professional development tips that everyone in the business can implement to enhance success. The team at VP Birmingham are excited to unlock the secrets and tips surrounding expanding sales, optimising mindset and taking ownership of success. Grant Cardone has always motivated Managing Director Vasile, and he often shares Cardone’s' vision from his online resources in motivational morning meetings.

Press surrounding the event pledges a unique opportunity for like-minded learners and visionaries to follow the approaches, practices and approach needed to excel in today's energetic and fast-paced enterprise environment. The event will also pose an opportunity to network with fellow business owners and forge valuable business contacts, the firm are looking to rub shoulders with like-minded entrepreneurs from the UK.

VP Birmingham is an elite direct marketing agency based in Birmingham. They specialise in customer acquisition and raising brand awareness through tailor-made marketing solutions. Another fantastic opportunity for VP Birmingham to network, broaden their perspectives and improve their company outlook.

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