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Underlining its commitment to improving future mobility, VPS Group’s chief operating officer Darron Cavanagh, collected the Award alongside other winners such as Ford, Uber and Transport for London, at a gala lunch held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London last Friday.

The TRANStech Awards have been established to recognise imagination and innovation by those using technology to improve UK’s transport system. They recognise and reward excellence and achievement in both established and emerging areas of mobility and transport, that benefit users and society as a whole.

“VPS Group’s ITS team are passionate about improving future mobility through Smartzone Safety Systems. To meet individual’s and communities’ increased expectations on mobility we must deploy better integrated technologies.” comments Darron Cavanagh. “We’re delighted, for example, with the response to our multilingual variable road signs project, combining foreign number plate recognition with sustainable wireless CCTV systems.”

Widely reported in the press and TV in July this year, Highways England trialed a VPS development, multilingual road signs. Together with HW Martin (Traffic Management) and Rennicks UK, they deployed mobile CCTV Towers carrying automatic number plate recognition cameras along the M6. By identifying foreign truck drivers in advance of roadworks, the system transmitted messages such as ‘Road Closed Ahead’ in their language, to electronic signs, in French, Polish, Romanian or six other languages, depending on the country of origin for a number plate.

Phil Bunting, VPS’ director, responsible for the ITS team, adds: “We’re a new generation of entrepreneurs who are investing in rewriting the model for how we travel. As part of VPS’ Smartzone Safety System, integrating technologies enables us to deliver a whole raft of intelligent traffic solutions that can help improve transport and safety for everyone.”

Darron Cavanagh is also speaking at Move 2020, the prestigious mobility event held in February next year, at London’s Excel.


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