We all want to live to 100, but what are the chances? For Dr. Leonid Gavrilov and Dr. Natalia Gavrilova, this isn’t a hypothetical question, but a topic that can be researched to bring about a better understanding of how humans age, and even how we can live longer. 

Their new presentation, "Human Longevity and a New Vision of Aging," has been filmed and released on YouTube for anyone with an interest in living longer, or better understanding the effects of aging, to view. 

In it, Dr. Gavrilov says that it’s a myth that "aging is just a problem for the elderly," as scientifically "aging is a problem for everyone older than 10 years," as aging starts very early and age-related death rates start to increase after the 10th birthday. In fact, after the age of 10, every 10 years of life doubles our mortality chances.

Because of this, "aging is a topic for everybody and everyone to be concerned about," said Dr. Gavrilov. 

In order to study how to make humans live longer, the two scientists decided to study "success stories" of aging: centenarians, or people who have lived for 100 years or more. The first question was: what was different between centenarians and their shorter-lived siblings? These people were raised in the same families, ate the same foods early in live, and shared other similar life experiences. So what makes centenarians special?

Strangely, people born in November had a higher chance of living to 100 than their shorter-lived siblings. Perhaps less surprisingly, the researchers found that people born to young mothers have twice as high chances to live to 100 than their siblings born to mothers later in their lives. As Dr. Gavrilova explained, their research leads them to "believe that not only the first nine months, but also the early life conditions during childhood" greatly shape life expectancy, propensity towards mortal diseases, and other factors.

Joe Luong, Director at PensionCalculator.org said,"Once again the team of Dr. Leonid Gavrilov and his wife Dr. Natalia Gavrilova has shown us that there are many causal effects to aging and living longer.  Where we were born, when we were born, to whom we were born with etc.. all affects our longevity. As they said, 'For centenarians, it all begins at birth' ".

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