A first of its kind, Ufi is today proud to launch Week of VocTech, a week-long celebration of VocTech scheduled to take place in 2-6 November.

Now open to book, the programme of events is an online opportunity to discuss, reflect and learn about VocTech - which means technology that can be used to deliver vocational education.

All events in the week are free to attend, with all having a clear focus on the practical and inspirational.

Week of VocTech will be an opportunity for all with an interest in the sector to meet and explore what this means for VocTech in 2021 and beyond.

With the Prime Minister only this week discussing the need to reform vocational education, VocTech has never been so important and relevant to the national debate.

In a packed programme that includes live sessions and curated content, you will be able to join discussions with sector experts, take part in practical webinars and watch exclusive programmes on topics such as delivering remotely and how you can deliver at scale.

We will also be hearing from organisations with direct experience of using VocTech and the transformative impact that this has had on the services they provide.

Leading sector organisations and businesses from across the vocational education sector will also be speaking about their experiences in these unusual times and how they have responded to the challenges using VocTech.

In what promises to be an event like no other this year, we do hope you will be able to join us.

Please click here to see the full programme and to book your place.


For more information and to arrange an interview please call Kate Atha on 07779702466

Notes to editors

About Ufi 

  • Ufi VocTech Trust supports the delivery of adult vocational skills through digital technology and its aim is to use its funding to catalyse change across the UK so that significant scale can be achieved in digital vocational learning for adults.
  • Ufi believes that the UK needs to accelerate the number of people accessing learning and gaining vocational skills to enable UK industry to compete in the global economy. As a funding organisation it believes that can be achieved through the use of digital technologies.
  • Its focus is on the utilisation of technology to help adults gain the skills needed for work. This includes supporting learners as they move through their careers, providing opportunities for lifelong learning, and skills development in ways that fit around work and life commitments. 
  • Digital technology can change the way that we access learning so that more people are able to develop their skills. Ufi sees digital technology offering increased flexibility, new approaches to learning, new ways of accrediting learning, new distribution models and new relationships with learning providers.
  • A strong vocational technology community is fundamental to the growth and development of adult skills. Ufi will continue to build links within the community, strengthening opportunities for investment and showcasing the art of the possible.
  • Ufi VocTech Trust is committed to promoting and funding digital technologies to achieve a significant increase in the scale of adult learners gaining vocational skills.
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