Dominique Antiglio, Sophrology Therapist and Coach:

Are you stressed? Practice Sophrology in 2013

Sometimes it’s only when our body or mind give us major signs that we realize we are stressed or have been stressed for a while.

Monitoring our breath is very useful for understanding if we are in a state of stress.

3 times a day, whilst one is sitting at their desk, focus for 1 minute on their breath, one hand on their chest, the other hand on their lower tummy.

They should Inhale and exhale normally, and carefully observe the movements under your hands.

If one is relaxed, the abdominal hand should be the one that moves. If it is the hand placed on their chest which is moving, they are probably in a state of stress.

Sophrology offers many tools and strategies to overcome stress and its many symptoms. It also allows us to control the impact of stress on our health, and for example, help to prevent burn-out, difficulty sleeping, eating disorders, anxiety, chronic pains etc..

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BeSophro, Be Inspired, Be You.

Sophrology tip for immediate relaxation

In a comfortable standing position, practitioners should close their eyes, and focus their attention on the body. Are they feeling any physical tensions? Is their mind so busy that they just can’t concentrate anymore?

In an effort to release any and all body or mind tensions they are experiencing at the moment, they should bring both arms straight above their head.

Inhale deeply, inflating their abdomen first, then their chest, and hold their breath. Whist holding their breath, they should physically tense every part of their body, including their face and toes for 3 seconds.

Release the tension as they exhale and lower their arms back to the side of their body. As they breathe out, they should try to be fully aware of the tension being released from their whole body and let go of it.

Doing it 3 times without rushing, taking the time to explore the relaxing sensation this exercise offers.

As a Sophrology therapist, I can help them with stress–management and self-development. Sophrology is well-known method in Continental Europe and especially in Switzerland, where I come from. It is used in schools, hospitals, corporate environments etc. to help with a very wide range of issues. It notably uses the breath, relaxation exercises and gentle movements to assist one in finding harmony of the body, mind and soul in their daily life.

BeSophro, Be Inspired, Be You.

Maria –Pulse Laser Clinic

As the temperature drops and the humidity in the air increases, our skin can get very dry. This could lead to the development of ingrown hair and razor bumps, made worse by all the extra layers and tighter clothing worn in winter. A few helpful preventative methods could reduce or eliminate this minor but problematic occurrence. Keeping the skin moisturised and exfoliated is important, as well as making sure that hair is softened before shaving. Shave in the same direction as hair growth rather than against hair growth and use a razor with fewer blades (no more than a double-edge razor). For a more permanent solution, we recommend Laser Hair Removal. Ingrown hairs tend to be more common in areas with coarse hair, which respond well to laser. Suitable for all areas, including sensitive areas, this highly effective treatment is virtually pain free, requires no recovery time and leaves ones skin silky smooth.

Ronete Cohen, Psychologist and Psychotherapist:

Give one the life they deserve. Healing their past frees them to move towards their future. They can start the your journey now. Find relief from anxiety. Develop self-compassion. Get in touch with their feelings and find peace. 

Peggy Guglielmino, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner :

“When something bothers you, ask yourself “Will that matter in a year’s time“? Most issues we are facing actually seem worse when we don’t put them into perspective. We tend to focus on them and get overly stressed, and that rarely helps solving the problem. Being able to keep calm promotes rational thinking and is likely to help finding solutions. So one of the way to stay calm and to put things into perspective is to take onesself a year from now, and discover if that issue is actually worth the energy they currently put into it.”

Audrey Stephenson, Integrative Therapist:

2013 is approaching, given we all survive the end of the Mayan calendar…

Suggesting we do, one is likely to find themself re evaluating their life at some point over the next few weeks and months. We can’t help it. The end of a calendar year often leaves us with great excitement about what we may do and be in the coming year. As well as disappointments about what we have been or done or gone through in the year that is ending. It’s natural, it’s human, and it Western. Fuelled by a culture that is implicitly and explicitly asking to do more, be more, have more. How are we supposed to find peace, passion and purpose in a climate that is demanding that we sculpt our bodies, our faces, our relationships, our jobs, children, even our pets!

Chasing the perfect life is a myth, but that doesn’t mean we have to be content with unhealthy lifestyles and a sense of disquiet and discontent in the back of our mind or sitting at the bottom of their belly – the question “is this it?” Looking at their reflection in the mirror proclaiming that fairest of them all really is just for the fairy tales.

They should come and spend a day with Audrey Stephenson on January 26th when she presents the experiential seminar New Year, Same old you? With special guest Catherina Maurice.

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