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This week the firm held a tutorial focusing on developing the leadership skills of their staff and contractors.

As a developing firm, Leicester based Alpha Gamma Solutions take care of their recruitment in-house. The firm is often on the lookout to expand their hard-working team of contractors as they take on new clients and work on new projects. There are several traits that the company look for, keen to expand into new markets and open in new locations the potential for advancement is high. The focus lies on a candidate's potential to advance into a leadership position.

About Alpha Gamma Solutions:

1. Stay true to your vision – Create a balance of understanding external signals and maintaining the ability to encourage positivity surrounding the companies vision and core values.

2. Communicate clearly and often – Leaders can establish key workers and deliver their messages to them. Communication through those channels will be daily and will ensure a message is received from all areas of the business.

3. Make yourself, and those around you, better – personal and professional development is at the forefront of success, understanding that everyone can achieve greater things if they place emphasis on improving knowledge and upskilling.

4. Practice humility – by demonstrating the human ability to make mistakes, it is vital as a leader to take responsibility when things don't go to plan and share the limelight when things do. A good leader understands mistakes happen and choose to educate without scapegoating or blaming.

5. Check your ego at the door – a great leader can identify gaps in their skill set and will hire accordingly to compliment skills. A weak leader tries to mask weaknesses and encourage workers of a lesser ability to join the team to boost their ego and achieve a sense of importance.

6. Keep your people passionate – when people have a deep connection with a purpose of a campaign or project, ideas flow naturally, and motivation levels skyrocket. Ensure when selecting a team, the people taken on demonstrate a connection with the core principles of the project.

Alpha Gamma Solutions specialise in delivering face to face sales and marketing solutions for the brands they represent. They aim to provide a premium experience to every customer. This has allowed them to develop long-lasting connections with consumers and help the world's largest brands deliver fresh and innovative marketing campaigns, which in turn increases their sales leads and customer acquisitions.


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