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By international communication and influence expert and author Jose Ucar Global Influence: how business leaders can simplify, improve and amplify their international impact.

Communication and influence expert Jose Ucar, author of the book Global Influence has flagged up the positive mindset of footballer Jude Bellingham, who was one of the young footballers who kicked England into the semi-finals of the Euros 2024 at the weekend.

Jude, just 21, who plays for Real Madrid, was interviewed post match when England beat Switzerland on penalties after a match where both teams were neck and neck.

Jose, who works with global companies including Seat Cupra and Proctor & Gamble, helps leaders and teams be more effective in working across international borders. 

“Jude Bellingham is a high-profile example of how a winning mindset can set you up for success both nationally and internationally,” Jose said. 

“His youth belies a high degree of wisdom from one so young and one who has taken his career overseas from a very early age. He started his career in Birmingham, then to Borussia Dortmund in Germany and then to Real Madrid.”

Jose has five tips for success, inspired by Jude Bellingham’s comments: 

1. Embrace a structured process: Bellingham said: “I rely on the practice. I have my process.”

Tip: Develop a clear, structured process for your goals. This could be a daily routine, a study schedule, or a step-by-step plan. Consistency in your process builds competence and confidence.

2. Focus on Character and Mentality: Bellingham said: “Character and mentality are not easy to measure and see.”

Tip: Cultivate a strong mindset and character. This involves resilience, perseverance, and a positive attitude. These traits often determine how you handle challenges and setbacks.

3. Practice with purpose: Bellingham said: “I do the practice.”

Tip: Regular and deliberate practice is crucial. Practice not just to complete tasks but to improve and master skills. Purposeful practice leads to real progress.

4. Staying calm under pressure: Bellingham said: “There is a comfort when you know you are following a process you've come to terms with.”

Tip: Trust your process. When you have a well-thought-out plan and you stick to it, you gain confidence and reduce anxiety, knowing you are on the right path. This familiarity and consistency help maintain composure during high-pressure situations, allowing you to perform effectively without succumbing to stress. 

5. Reflect and build on success: Bellingham said: “Moments like these...make it even more worth it.”

Tip: Reflect on your successes and use them as motivation for future challenges. Celebrate achievements but also use them as stepping stones to greater goals, ensuring continuous growth and improvement.

Jose, who is based in London can support any team and leader in improving communication and leadership skills, with a specialism in helping businesses which work across multiple countries and cultures.

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