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After spending four years discovering the secrets of this profession, this is the question all new graduates ask themselves: I have finished my journalism study, where can I work?

Well, it is a question that should have been addressed before choosing this university career, because finding a job as a journalist is a complicated task. Degrees related to the social sciences, as is the case with journalism, are preferred by students, but nevertheless have present employment rates that are very far from the rates of health sciences or engineering degrees, as you can see in the study of university students' job placement.

To find out about job opportunities and to be able to work as a journalist, one must go beyond the usual media, since finding a job in radio or working in television is a remote option for recent graduates, and the written press sector has been in the throes of a major crisis since 2008.

But nowadays it is possible to find work as a copywriter in the digital marketing department of large companies that need content for their websites. In this sense, real money casino companies or travel enterprises hire journalists every year to cover their marketing needs.

Other historic fiefdoms for finding employment in journalism are planning communication departments, developing cultural activities, collaborating in press agencies or developing corporate communication strategy. All of these can be employment options where we can focus our efforts, but there are limited internship and job offers for journalists.

The highest employment rates for journalists are related to digital media, which are more oriented towards communication work than towards journalism, but which have more internship offers. For example, as a digital journalist, creating corporate content; as a community manager, managing corporate social networks; or opting to work as a freelance journalist for digital media.

And how long can it take to find my first job as a journalist?

Currently, about 47 per cent of recent graduates take between one and two years to find their first job or internship as a journalist. These figures, although negative, have improved since 2013.

The key to achieving your goal may be to do your first internship or journalism scholarship in the summer or to combine it with your studies, as it is a key point on your CV and the internships give you the opportunity to get to know the reality of the work environment for which you are training.

If you have finished your degree in journalism and you are looking for a job in journalism, you should know that companies value constant updating. A great option could be to start your own blog about the branch of journalism that interests you most, such as sports journalism, foreign journalism (or international news).

What companies are looking for now are multipurpose, active and marketing related journalists, so whatever topic you choose for your blog, it will help you in your search for a job as a journalist. Good luck!

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