Online voucher codes website, My Favourite Voucher Codes, has donated almost £6,000 to charitable organisations since its launch in April 2012.

Since donating £250 to the food poverty charity FareShare in January, Wood Green – The Animal Charity, Debra and Breast Cancer Care have all topped the voucher codes site’s poll. They too will receive 20% of the site’s net profits, with the actual amount raised due to be announced in the near future.

As such, the poll has been reset for May with another three charities: Bullying UK, Child Poverty Action Group and Bliss benefiting from My Favourite Voucher Codes’ donation. As it’s you, the voucher codes users, that vote in the poll, here is a bit more about May’s featured charities to help you make your decision.

Bullying UK

Formerly known as Bullying Online, Bullying UK was founded in 1999 by mother and son duo, Liz and John Carnell. The charity is designed to help schoolchildren, parents and teachers get a handle on bullying.

Child Poverty Action Group

This leading charity is working to wards ending poverty among child and young people in the UK. It aims to rid our society of child poverty, allow them to enjoy their youth and have a fair chance to reach their potential in adult life.

Bliss Baby Charity

More than 80,000 of the babies born each year in the UK are sick or premature, with one being admitted to special care units every six minutes. Bliss aims to provide care and support to all families with sick and premature babies by ensuring that their voices are heard and rights are respected.

My Favourite Voucher Codes is an online discount website where users can find voucher codes to save money on products from their favourite retailers. The merchants pay a fee each time a web user clicks through from the My Favourite Voucher Codes to the retailer and proceeds to make a purchase. It is this money that funds the monthly charity donation and so without people using voucher codes, these charities would lose hundreds of pounds a month. 

Anyone that wants to support Bullying UK, Child Poverty Action Group, Bliss, or any of the other charities that My Favourite Voucher Codes supports, can vote in the poll on the home page.  It might also be worth downloading and installing the voucher codes app, which prevents shoppers from missing out on the latest discounts.

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