Over the years, the way that the public read and learn new things has changed a lot. In the past, most people would rely on textbooks or novels to learn and educate themselves on certain topics. However, now, we rely on our internet news sources and do most of our reading online. Of course, this does not mean that books are dead, in fact, digital books are extremely popular in 2020.

So, are ebooks more popular than physical copies? Find out why this might be the case below in this article.


One of the main reasons why ebooks have become more popular than physical books is that they are much more accessible. As long as someone has an internet connection or a Kindle, they can access the ebook as soon as they purchase it. This is not always the case with physical books, unless the buyer goes to a bookstore in person. Even then, the bookstore might not be open or might not have the right book. So, eBooks are much more accessible.

Getting expert advice

With the growth of ebooks, many experts are now finding it easier to get published. Finding a publisher who would get a book to print on a large scale would have been much harder in the past. Now, experts across many areas can get their knowledge and expertise out there to those who need it at a much quicker rate. For example, Rebuilding You: The Philanthropy Handbook by Tej Kohli offers advice on philanthropy. This book is available for download on Kindle devices and is accessible to all.

Saving the environment

Many people believe that by buying ebooks instead of physical copies, they are helping to save the environment. Some of the most famous books have a lot of pages and if they are only read once, what happens to all of these pages afterwards? With ebooks, there is no need for printing and any waste. If the reader does not like the book anymore, they do not need to put the digital version in the bin. This is a massive reason why these books have become so popular in recent years.

Ebook features

Finally, it is worth noting that ebooks often come with features that make the reading experience much more enjoyable. If a word is unknown to the reader, they can quickly find its meaning and, if they want to highlight a paragraph, they can without ruining the book. This is ideal for both readers and journalist alike who annotate their books. On top of that, excerpts can easily be shared on social media which is popular with readers.

Final verdict

While there are still many people who appreciate having a physical copy of a book in their hand, others are moving towards digital books. This is mirrored in the world of journalism where digital news sites are storming ahead of print media. So, what is next for the literacy industry? Keep an eye on this to find out the next big thing. 

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