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The company chose to assess an individual’s ability in person, remaining open minded at all times and firmly maintaining a mantra of “No experience? No problem!”

"The majority of our staff and contractors joined us with little to no experience in this industry. We believe as long as someone possesses a strong work ethic and desire to succeed, a keen student mentality and is committed to going above and beyond in the name of success, we can provide them with the relevant knowledge and experience required to become a key player," expressed Tom Harris, Live Innovations Managing Director.

About Live Innovations:

When it comes to talent acquisition, Live Innovations do not specifically look for a particular skill set or education, instead simply interested in finding new recruits who continuously o always strives to do their best, who is ready to grow with a company and has a friendly and professional manner. All new starts undergo full training, regardless of experience, as the firm invests time into ongoing education through client and in-house workshops and regular conferences and seminars. 

Live Innovations’ Managing Director Tom Harris believes there are many advantages to recruiting people with minimal industry experience and has recently outlined the two biggest pros…

1.   No Bad Habits

Sometimes people with previous experience in a similar role will have developed bad habits that can be difficult to override. However, if someone comes in with an entirely clean slate they can quickly be taught the correct strategies and methods applied by the company. “Someone with no experience is like a blank piece of paper and allows us to teach them exactly how we do it at Live Innovations,” said Mr Harris.

2.   Diversity

Live innovations believe one of their biggest strengths is their diverse workforce made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds including communications, hospitality, catering, retail, sports and fitness and events. Mr Harris believes in hiring individuals for all walks of life and insists that Live Innovations open minded approach to recruitment, welcoming professionals from various different occupational backgrounds, has given them a competitive edge. 

Live Innovations have revealed that too many businesses insist on standing out from the crowd and rather than doing this, the London based firm are keen to lead the crowd and their recruitment strategy reflects this objective. As the event-marketing specialists strive to expand their market reach and exert their dominance within the UK direct marketing industry, they are constantly seeking top talent.

Live Innovations is an event-marketing firm based in north London. The firm is specialists in customer acquisition and retention strategies, so are highly experienced in this field. Working on behalf of their client’s brands, Live Innovations create unique marketing campaigns that enable them to connect with consumers in-person, to showcase their client’s products and services at specialised events. Managing Director, Tom Harris believes not pre-judging applicants on education or experience has led to the firm accumulating a strong and diverse talent pool.


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