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Deciding where to establish a new business is always a difficult choice, but when it comes to thriving hubs of business activity you’ll have to go a long way to beat all of the benefits that Leeds has to offer. Leeds has long been known as a great place for business and the professional community is always growing in size. Direct marketing specialists Prosure Acquisitions found it easy to make the decision to base themselves in Leeds, and their Managing Director recently explained a little more about it.

He said, ‘Leeds is a brilliant place in which to do business because there is such a strong business support network here. I chose Leeds as the place to establish Prosure Acquisitions because I knew that the resources and business facilities were second to none. I have never regretted my decision and I find Leeds a really inspiring and motivating place to be. I have developed a very strong network here and I owe a lot of my success to the fact that I decided to base myself in Leeds. It really feels like home and I am enjoying being a part of the business community.’

Leeds, West Yorkshire, is the third-largest city in England and the population is constantly on the rise. Once known for its production of wool, Leeds progressed during the Industrial Revolution and other industries such as engineering, iron foundries, flax and printing became really successful. Leeds has three universities and boasts one of the largest student populations in the country - and this goes a long way to explaining the feeling of youth and vitality one gets when they visit. A city populated by students will always have a creative and forward-thinking edge to it. And because public transport links are so good it makes it easy to get in and out of the city - another important consideration for businesses when they are thinking about where to base themselves.

There is no doubt that Leeds offers a wealth of benefits to any business which decides to set up base there. Prosure Acquisitions are really looking forward to using their expertise to gain a larger market share and also gain ground on their competitors. Direct marketing services are constantly in demand because they produce such impressive results when it comes to building customer base and boosting profits. Prosure Acquisitions are determined to bring their skills and expertise to the market and show Leeds what they’re made of.

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