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They’ve taken the world by storm with their unique business model, undercutting taxi companies around the world with cheaper rates and a slick mobile experience. Uber are often many people’s go-to option when needing a ride around, but why should you use a chauffeur service over other services like Uber?

The drawbacks of Uber compared to an executive car hire service

There is no denying that Uber have a great business model and are highly efficient for those looking to order a taxi cheaply and quickly. Some taxis, such as black cabs in London, are extremely expensive, and Uber is great for making the world a little more accessible for people. But regardless of whether you go with an Uber driver or a black cab driver, these services are built around the quantity of trips delivered, not the quality. Put simply, the more trips a driver makes the more money they can make.

Sure, they could make one long trip halfway up the country, but these trips aren’t pre-planned for a driver, and so they prefer staying in their local area. This means that Uber drivers only really want to do routes that suit them, and plenty of them.

There are also dozens of stories of Uber drivers taking longer routes for more money, alongside the fact that, unlike private chauffeurs, Uber drivers don’t get employee extras such as healthcare.

Uber is banned in some places such as Rio de Janeiro and some countries such as China. It’s even suffering setbacks in forward-thinking, European countries such as Germany and France. Furthermore, we see some Uber drivers, and their passengers, being attacked in places like Mexico City and Jakarta. Uber, with its undercutting business model, stands out as a target to many; whether it’s other taxi drivers that are unhappy about losing their livelihood or simple bystanders who know you’re getting a cheap ride.

You’ll arrive at your location with a driver who stays in the car with his phone attached to the wind screen as a Satnav; it makes you stand out for the wrong reasons. Chauffeur driven services, like the chauffeur themselves, will remain almost unseen, while still adding a touch of class. You’ll also need to rely on a working internet connection to use the Uber app, as well as relying on there being enough Uber cars in your area at the time that you wish to travel. If there’s only a few cars around, expect Uber to add on an extra surcharge which can sometimes be as high as double the standard rate.

Business Owner at Birmingham-based chauffeur and executive travel company, Field Chauffeur Services, explains "While Uber is good for trying to build its system around costing the customer less, the driver has to still work hard for their money, and this somewhat de-values the importance of your trip to them".

The problems that Uber is experiencing aren’t going to go away for many years, as other taxi companies still exist and with Uber undercutting them everywhere, including poorer countries, we’ll continue to see protests and, sadly, attacks. Alongside this, there is still discontent among drivers who want better pay and to be classed as full-time employees rather than freelancers. While Uber experiences these problems, the quality of service that is delivered will continue to be hampered. Chauffeur services, on the other hand, won’t cause you these problems as they aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes.

The benefits of an executive car hire service over Uber

Roger continues, "A chauffeur service like the one we provide at FCS isn’t built around quick trips or making a quick buck. They typically have executive cars and a fully trained team of drivers whose priority is making each and every trip smooth, comfortable, and easy.

You’ll be able to pre-plan your whole trip right down to the last detail, and won’t need to worry about hoping there’s cars in the area, getting a driver who isn’t happy with the route you need to be driven down, or relying on an app for a safe and reliable trip".

Executive travel is, of course, more expensive than a service like Uber. But you always get what you pay for. Uber’s system, while a great one, has seen it embroiled in all kinds of court cases over the last few years, and this makes the system seem a little less reliable.

The differences between a chauffeur service and Uber

Executive travel services such as those on offer by companies such as Field Chauffeur Services aren’t designed for making a quick trip down to the shops, which is where a service like Uber comes in handy. But if you’re looking for a luxury service, whether it’s to get to the airport safely or to arrive at a business meeting on-time and in style, then there’s really no comparison of using a chauffeur service to something like Uber.

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