Today, Dr. William Hyatt Gordon, LEED-AP, 40, President of Gordon Atlantic Development Corporation, a New York, New York-based firm announced today that he strongly favours the design of a new Gordon tartan to represent all of the peoples of today’s Scotland. While, this goal was announced in a statement two weeks ago, the design of the new tartan has brought new meaning to Gordon based upon his recent meetings in Belfast regarding the development of an Island of Ireland Music Centre in Belfast. Gordon has reemphasized that tolerance, multiculturalism, and plurality in economic function on the local level are essential components to the formation of effective strategies to overcome the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland’s credit crisis. In that spirit Gordon Atlantic Development looks to compose strategies that compliment the mission of Tourism Ireland, the organization responsible for marketing the Island of Ireland overseas. Tourism Ireland was established under the framework of the Belfast Agreement of Good Friday 1998. The organization is jointly funded by the Irish Government and the Northern Ireland Executive on a two to one ratio, and operate under the auspices of the North South Ministerial Council through the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment in Northern Ireland and the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism in the South.

William Hyatt Gordon traces his origins to Huntly Castle, burnt to the ground in 1449, and rebuilt stronger and grander, shortly thereafter. Huntly Castle remains his favourite of all of the three (3) historic Gordon Castles including Auchindoun; Balmoral (HM Summer Residence); and Huntly Castles. As Fyvie Castle was occupied by the Gordons; and Gordon Castle was built after the American Revolution they are generally not associated with him. William Hyatt Gordon is a direct descendent of Revolutionary War hero, Nathaniel Gordon, who purchased 1,350 acres in 1787, eighteen miles from Charlottesville, Virginia, the site of Monticello, designed by Thomas Jefferson. The area is referred to as the “Cradle of Democracy”. In many respects, Nathaniel Gordon was the Virginia equivalent, of Sam Adams, the brewer, and Massachusetts Revolutionary War figure, responsible in part for drafting the Massachusetts constitution.

The Gordon Tavern and Gordonsville was a popular stop for those travelling between Charlottesville, Virginia. President Jefferson described Gordon’s in 1802 as a “good house” when recommending the best route south to Charlottesville from the recently established National capital on the Potomac River. The building was known as the Gordon Tavern, but later became the Gordon Inn. Stagecoach passengers found a well-furnished public house where they could enjoy apple brandy, “the common drink of the county”, a visiting Englishman noted. The commemorative marker at the site lists prominent American tavern guests inclusive of President George Washington, President Thomas Jefferson, President James Monroe, James&Phillip Pendleton Barbour; James Waddel, William Wirt, Henry Clay, and Major General, the Marquis de Lafayette.

William Hyatt Gordon’s mother was born in Manchester, England, and he spent most summers of his teen years in the London area. Gordon was heavily influenced by London street fashion and music as a teenager, and incorporated vintage Burberry from the 1950s and 1960s into his personal fashion expressions early on, and many of these found objects originated from London’s Hyper-Hyper. Gordon has always incorporated traditional British fabrics into hip, and new fashion expressions, and this is true today. During a recent photo shoot by New York photographer, Jonathan Conklin, tartan elements were incorporated in two separate suites. Tartan motifs were derived from Burberry, and Club Monaco a subsidiary of Polo Ralph Lauren.

Today, William Hyatt Gordon, president of Gordon Atlantic Development Corporation a firm that pursues both private client and investment projects in France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Private client projects include: hospitals and healthcare facilities; museums, theatres, and economic development projects; projects for not-for-profit organizations. Investment projects are focused on hotels, convention centres, media studios, golf courses, ski areas, and the like. He is currently developing projects in London, and Belfast within the United Kingdom, including the proposed Island of Ireland Music Centre, akin to Cleveland, Ohio’s Rock&Roll Hall of Fame; and Seattle, Washington’s Experience Music Project. The Island of Ireland Music Centre is prolific in its meaning to him, as it represents the Island of Ireland peace movement. The Island of Ireland Music Centre has been planned by Werner Sobek New York, and Liro Architects&Planners, New York. Gordon has worked with best friend, and partner, Barrett Veldsman, principal of Blue Crayon, a London-based advertising agency to develop the “dove and harp” logo. Separately, Blue Crayon has been developing a new tartan motif-based construction helmet for Gordon on which Veldsman hopes to incorporate a Burberry tartan motif.

First Minister of Scotland, or in Scots, Heid Meinister o Scotland, “Alex" Salmond, comes from the Gordon constituency, formed at the same time as the Scottish Parliament in 1999. William Hyatt Gordon is proud of these facts, and also recognizes the importance of effective multicultural, inclusive policy for the development of a strong Scottish economy. In the spirit of One Scotland, William Hyatt Gordon desires that a new Gordon tartan be designed to represent all of the peoples of today’s Scotland, and that the Brave, the many Scots, of many lands embrace the future together as one people.

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