It transpires that as well as building some of our favourite gadgets and sell for cash staples, Japan's tech wizards have also put wireless sensors to improve the survival rates of baby turtles.

Loggerhead turtles are deemed a “priority species' by global conservation groups like the World Wildlife Fund. Despite them being one of the most common turtle species in the seas, huge numbers are under threat thanks to their breeding beaches being destroyed along the Mediterranean coast. They're also migratory animals and have suffered exceptional losses in fishing nets and general manmade ocean detritus.

But those in Kamogawa Sea World, Japan, are doing their bit to boost the population by harvesting naturally laid eggs and placing them in a manmade beach environment where they can be protected and monitored, giving them the best possible chance of survival. Wireless sensors designed by Epsom are buried deep in the sand to record the precise conditions that seem to encourage the turtles to hatch.

Suddenly overcome with the urge to sell your mobile, hop on a plane and help them, Volunteering is pretty expensive and incredibly competitive, so why not sell your iPhone and donate that nice profit to the WWF to help rehabilitate an injured turtle instead!

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