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Sex workers around the globe are far more likely to suffer violence and trauma than workers in any other sector, and it's quite often the case that sex workers put themselves into such high-risk situations in order to fund drug habits or other addictions. Serenity Health are experts in providing treatments for sex workers traumatised by their work activities or suffering issues with addiction.

A company spokesperson comments: "Many sex workers ply their trade in dangerous areas, with little or no protection in place. It's not difficult to understand the reasons for high levels of PTSD in this sector. Serenity Health offer tailored care programmes for drug rehab and alcohol rehab London and the rest of the UK to suit the diverse needs of workers in the sex industry and help recovery from trauma or drug and or alcohol addiction".

Many young people develop an addiction to crack and heroin at a very early age and find one of the only ways to meet their need for drugs is to work in the sex industry. Work of this nature often destroys people, causing pain, trauma, nightmares and the inevitable grief that often accompanies the sale of sex for cash.

NHS England recognises that most female sex workers living in the UK are affected by the use of illegal drugs, either by themselves or a partner, and this increases dependency upon sex work. Working while under the influence of drugs can also make sex workers more vulnerable, as it reduces their ability to protect themselves adequately. All these issues feed into the likelihood of trauma and issues with PTSD. Helping to address problems with addiction can be very difficult within this arena, as sex workers often find it difficult to be open within group environments and with users of drug treatment services.

Benefits of Serenity Health's work

One of the major benefits of opting for services from a provider like Serenity Health is that many of their knowledgeable employees have actually been in similar situations themselves, and have the sympathy and expertise required to treat sex workers successfully. One of the young women treated by Serenity Health rehab clinics says: "I couldn’t manage or maintain friendships or my relationship. I just put it down to defects of character, and as I furthered along in my recovery my mental health was deteriorating, with anxiety, panic, fear and a feeling of constant dread. But I wasn’t making the connection".

"Nobody in meetings could diagnose me. My support network never said anything; in fact, I was pushing my friends away on a daily basis. Nobody was allowed to hug me, and if my sponsor tried I would cringe inside. I was suffering from deep-rooted trauma caused by my own actions to feed my addiction, and I wasn’t even aware."

Comments from workers involved in the sex industry relating to their thoughts and feelings about this type of work are that they "didn’t have a choice" in the work being carried out and had lost control over their lives. It's very often the case that workers move into this arena because of traumas in childhood, alongside issues with addiction. Accessing services can be extremely difficult due to a need to keep their work life a secret, as it's still illegal to sell sex in the UK.

Some of the services that could prove most helpful to sex workers in the UK include outreach teams, safeguarding lessons and groups teaching ways to keep safe while working the streets, alongside information on birth control and STDs. It's also vital for women working in red light districts to be advised of sex offenders and abusers likely to use their services within the area. This is one way outreach workers can really help.

Successful treatments

One of the successful treatment programmes that helps sex workers achieve recovery from PTSD and issues with addiction is the 12-step fellowship similar to the programme offered by Alcoholics Anonymous. Ongoing counselling and group work also help sufferers move towards recovery and maintain well-being after treatment.

Sourcing a programme of treatment from a provider that's well versed in offering addiction therapies and support to trauma survivors is also essential, particularly for vulnerable sex workers. This is where private clinics like Serenity Health excel. The organisation can provide many real-life accounts of former and existing sex workers who have benefited from the counselling, support and clinical treatments provided, alongside complementary therapies which help provide the healing in mind, body and soul that's essential for sustained and prolonged recovery.

Female sex workers in the UK still experience poor treatment outcomes from services, and this is generally down to the difficulties these people have within group settings. High levels of stigma and adverse interactions can increase their levels of trauma and contribute to the issues experienced. Effective care, tailored treatment programmes and increased use of individual sessions can all help improve outcomes and levels of engagement within the groups.

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