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Distilled in the beautiful region of Rhineland-Palatinate, renowned for its delicious wines and mild climate, the journey of Biosinthe from inception to UK shores began back in 2006.

Absinthe connoisseur Claudius Fuchs and Master Distiller Fedor Back collaborated to produce an Absinthe, a ‘Biosinthe’, which would befit its name by consisting only of biological ingredients, based on the original recipe dating back from the 19th Century. Biosinthe would embody purity and mild taste, appealing to every palette.

Many of the ingredients were specifically selected and organically-grown to ensure only the finest plants, herbs and biologically cultivated grapes for wine-making were used in production.

By the end of 2007, the first small charges could be distilled in a flavour-saving manner and were duly handed over for degustation from acquaintances, retailers, friends, and various Absinthers. This invaluable feedback allowed the taste nuances of each individual herb to be refined and balanced to perfection.

Fast forward to 2010 and Biosinthe’s traditional production still continues: distilled in small charges while observing the flavour preservation to ensure each bottle meets the highest taste standards.

Biosinthe’s final storage in solid oak barrels creates its characteristic touch, harmonious flavour and soft, balanced taste. Biosinthe is a pure natural distillate, without the addition of sugar and additives.

Each high-grade black ceramic bottle with its natural glazes protects the precious distillate from undesired light and temperature extremes. The rear side of each individual bottle has a handwritten charge and bottle number to allow traceability.

A fitting tribute to the originator of the very first Absinthe is depicted on the front label - the shape is a replica of Suzanne Margerite Henriod’s label first used in 1769.

Biosinthe will be distributed exclusively in the UK by Fabulously Green, the same team responsible for thriving organic brands such as Daas (organic) Beer.

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