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''GOT HALF A MINUTE .... ?''

Acclaimed cult band The Pocket Gods and friends announces the long awaited release of ''100 X 30''!

For the first time in music history, a band is releasing an album of one hundred songs...and all are thirty seconds long.

It’s a statement against the music streaming giants such as Spotify who pay out a paltry royalty of 0.007p per stream for any track over 30 seconds. So why waste time and money writing longer songs?

The songs are all about the current state of the music industry!

The Pocket Gods were discovered by the late John Peel, and have recently been championed by Tom Robinson from BBC 6 Music - who calls front man Mark Christopher Lee a ''willful maverick''. ''100 x 30'' will be the band's 72nd album in their seventeen year history.

The album features an amazing array of friends and fans of the band - including seventies legends Mungo Jerry, 80s Pop heart throb Owen Paul (''My Favourite Waste Of Time'') and Eurovision pop courtesy of TV theme giant David Mindel.

Also contributing a track is ambient music pioneer Tom Green (Another Fine Day) - famous for his collaborations with 90s legends The Orb.

There are also contributions from Flemish indie folk BBC faves The Low Countries, emerging Barnsley synth giants Hands of Industry, the electro pop of The Boy From Space, the fresh new sound of Foxgrease and the psychedelic political punk of The Pigs of Freedom.

There's even an incredible contribution from Mark's own three young children under the name ...''Minceyments''!

Mark got the idea for the album after reading an article in the ''I'' newspaper about streaming and song writing, and also the history of how and why songwriters started writing the traditional three and a half minute pop song.

It was simply because of the length of 7 inch vinyl!

So, when Spotify and other streaming companies now pay out a royalty for any track over THIRTY seconds long - why then write longer songs? Why not adapt to the modern day media, and write songs that are indeed thirty seconds long? The album is also about creating awareness of the lack of decent royalties trickling through for artists and songwriters.


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