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It has been a long and warm summer for the most part, but as September passed to October, we’re definitely into autumn. As the leaves start to change colour and the nights draw in, you’ll need to start thinking about packing up your garden furniture for next summer. 

To keep your benches, tables and chairs in the best condition you’ll have to clean, treat and store them all.  In most cases that could be in your shed or garage, but if you’re hard pressed for space, Apex Storage Manchester can supply a self-storage solution for your furniture.

Wherever you leave your furniture, it needs to stay protected so that next summer its ready to go and you won’t have any unnecessary replacement costs on your hands.

Here are some preparation and storage tips to keep your furniture in good condition over the winter months.

Plastic Furniture

Simply wash down with warm soapy water, and dry thoroughly before storage.

Rattan Furniture

On trend and increasingly popular, it is undoubtedly best kept indoors, if you can’t you need to make sure its thoroughly cleaned, dried and then covered tightly to avoid depredation.

Wooden Furniture

Outdoor wooden furniture, like picnic benches will typically have been treated to remain outside. But it wouldn’t hurt to top up that protection with either a layer of paint or varnish.  Make sure all wood is dry before applying any protective coating, and that all dirt is removed too.

Metal Furniture

This will require cleaning down again; with focus on removing any rust, peeling paint or exposed plastic coverings. Using a wire brush should remove any light rust easily. Treat any exposed areas by either painting or covering for the winter. Any moving joints will needs to be oiled. 


Cushions are prone to damp, even in sheds and garages, so ideally they need to be stored indoors. Where possible you will need to wash both cushions and covers before storage. Cushions that don’t have removable covers can simply be dipped into a bowl of soapy water and dried with a cloth.


Keeping your furniture fresh for next summer will make the first foray into the garden a little sweeter. If you need a storage solution near you, don’t hesitate to contact Apex Self Storage either though our website, or by phone on 0800 279 7668.

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