What is the WWE Mobile Content Club?

The WWE Mobile Content Club is a club dedicated to providing sports entertainment fans with the latest action from WWE superstars. Be it SmackDown, RAW or NXT, this website wants all WWE fans to experience all of the thrills and excitement on offer! Content on the website ranges from video clips, wallpapers and ringtones, all which can help members become the number one WWE fan amongst their friends. The club is only available for mobile network subscribers on EE, O2 and Vodafone within the UK.All content is found on a HTML 5 mobile website which optimises content to the highest standard for its members. All content on the website is also available across a range of devices including apple, windows and android. No download will be required for members either; this is not an app, just a very easy to use website.

Video clips content

We asked a spokesperson about video content on the website and he said “There are thousands of video clips available on the website. These are available for subscribed members to watch. Members can find their favourite video clips through an easy to use and intuitive search. The helpful categories for video clips mean it is easy to access the content. The club has numerous categories such as Women Superstars, WWE, RAW, Classics etc. These categories mean that the website functions well and members can easily find their favourite WWE action. From experience we find that the most popular video clips area is one of the frequently viewed sections on the website as it’s a great way to find amazing content and discover classic moments.”

Subscribing and paying for the service

The spokesman commented "Joining is simple. Payment is taken directly from the mobile billing plan (including pay as you go accounts) meaning that the member will not have to remember to make a payment to continue enjoying WWE content.” 

Popular features

There are many popular features of the club, which we discuss here. 

A very popular section are the WWE ringtones and wallpapers. Members can sport their favourite superstar’s ringtone and wallpaper on their phone. If a member loves John Cena they can prove it to all their friends by having that ringtone and wallpaper and prove that they are Cena’s number one fan. Commenting the spokesperson said “All ringtones and wallpaper content is free once subscribed, allowing members to use as many ringtones and wallpapers as available. Preferences and favourite superstars can change so this website is perfect as it allows members to choose from many different options. With over 400 wallpapers members will be spoiled for choice.

An irritation of many content clubs can be a proliferation of adverts, this is not the case with the WWE Mobile Content Club, which is entirely advertisement free. Another popular benefit to members is that no downloads are required. The spokesperson followed “All content is available and streamed on the website leaving space on your phone. Members only have to search for their desired content which has been made easy through the helpful and easy search tools. Therefore, when a video clip that a member wants to watch is found, all they have to do is click on it and the content will be streamed.”

A recent new piece of functionality added was Favourites functionality. Members can save their favourite video clips so that they can re-watch their favourite video clips and show their friends. Commenting the spokesperson said “This is a particularly useful place to save classic video clips that members can enjoy again and again. Likewise, members can add superstars to their favourites so that they never miss any video clips or content related to them.