With the season of summer on the horizon where the hot days are followed by those long warm summer evenings, Flowerparty Summer is the perfect vivacious and fruity-floral fragrance to wear through the day and all night long. This original eau de toilette creates a feeling of cheer and warmth, becoming a must for summer, 2012.

Fragrance is an essential to any wardrobe – many women say they do not feel fully dressed until they have sprayed their perfume of choice. As the Olfactory sense is frequently referred to as the biggest trigger of memory and emotion, it is no surprise that finding the perfect fragrance to wear is essential. Fragrances can remain twinned with how the wearer feels at the time. Choosing a scent for summer is an enjoyable thing to do  it is that same smell, when sprayed on a cold dark winter night, will transport the wearer back to memories of summer and enjoyable times.

This summer Yves Rocher Launch their vivacious new fragrance, ‘Flowerparty Summer’. This luxury limited edition scent is the sister fragrance to their already successful ‘Flowerparty’. The original ‘Flowerparty’ Eau de Toilette could be described as a cheery, feminine fragrance with a zest of sassiness. With notes of Rose, Raspberry and Lychee Nectar it was sure to be a scent that will get you noticed. ‘Flowerpary Summer’ gives a summer twist to this already popular scent. Flowerparty Summer is a fresh and tangy eau de toilette with a cocktail of Mandarin, Lemon and Orange essential oils, making it the perfect summer smell. Flowerparty Summer promises to deliver a vivacious and original fragrance for an ultra colourful summer.

When asked about his choices for the notes included in this new and exciting perfume, Yves Rocher’s Perfumer, Philippe Romano says: “I imagined a summer morning full of fantasy and optimism. I wanted a really decisive and voluptuous opening with a tangy and refreshing cocktail of scents and essential oils”. Mr. Romano has encaptured these elements to create Flowerparty Summer.

Not only is the scent a fantastically summer-like experience, but Yves Rocher has designed a summer themed bottle to go with it. The bottle features an attractive floral design with an array of bright and pastel colours. This is topped off by a large flower shaped stopped in a strong pink shade – adding that special something. This combination makes this floral-fruity edition totally irresistible. This fragrance will not only brighten up any summer occasion, but any dressing table too.

This Flowerparty Summer limited edition range includes a 30ml Eau de Toilette spray, a 50ml Eau de Toilette spray and a sumptuous and moisturising 100ml Summer Shower Gel. In keeping with Yves Rocher’s ethics and values, the product is packaged in cardboard from sustainably managed forests and printed in botanical ink.

Flowerparty Summer, by Yves Rocher is definitely the best refreshing and pop fragrance for a colourful summer and a must for all.

For more information on the FLOWERPARTY YVES ROCHER SUMMER EDITION and other products by Yves Rocher, please visit the Yves Rocher site: http://www.yves-rocher.co.uk/

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