Netflix, Amazon Instant, iTunes, Blinkbox; the choice of ways to access entertainment online today can seem overwhelming. The launch of ZAPP BOX offers a completely new approach to choosing digital entertainment. ZAPP BOX is a new media comparison website, which enables customers to compare prices from a range of entertainment sites to find the most cost effective options for TV, film, eBooks and music.  

ZAPP BOX reviews and compares millions of entertainment products from the major streaming entertainment providers, including Amazon Instant (formerly LOVEFiLM), Blinkbox, iTunes, Kobo, 7Digital, eBooks, and Sainsburys entertainment a relative newcomer to the UK, streaming market. 
When customers set up a ZAPP BOX account they can access a sophisticated search engine which allows them to compare the different options and offers available on films, TV, eBooks and music. Millions of entertainment products are listed on the ZAPP BOX search engine. There is a facility to add in personal preferences, enabling information to be tailored to the customer’s interests. 
The recent demise of high street video rental and music retail store groups, Blockbuster and HMV has, signalled a colossal shift in the purchasing habits of UK customers. In stark contrast to high street sales, digital entertainment is a rapidly growing sector. Despite sales of hard copy DVDs being in decline, as they have been for several years, there has been an overall growth of 3.7 per cent in sales in the video sector, with a value of £2.06bn in 2013. It is the first time in five years that growth has been reported in this sector. According to figures published by the Entertainment Retailers Association, digital film, music and games generated 43 per cent of the total value of the UK entertainment market in 2013. 
The timing could not be better for the introduction of the new ZAPP BOX media comparison site, which launches in the UK ahead of other markets. "I am extremely excited that we have been able to bring ZAPP BOX to the UK marketplace before the rest of the world" reports a company spokesman for ZAPP BOX.  

If you are looking for the best deal on Music, TV, eBooks or Movies check ZAPP BOX out today! 
ZAPP BOX launches at on 16th June 

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