How to succeed in journalism

How to track down case studies for your next article

Learn the secrets of sourcing compelling human interest stories

Posted by Lily Canter on 05/02/21

Six tips for independent journalists before deciding to go solo

Starting your own Substack or Patreon sounds like a dream job. But have you thought it through?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 26/01/21

BBC's five tips to break into the technical side of the media industry

There is more to broadcast than the faces on screen and voices on the radio. Here is how to find those jobs

Posted by Jacob Granger on 14/12/20

A guide to mastering 100wpm shorthand

How to get up to speed with shorthand: freelance journalist Mamiyo Padi shares her top tips after reaching the milestone

Posted by Mamiyo Padi on 29/10/20

A journalism student’s survival guide to online lectures

Isolation and Zoom lectures are not the typical idea of 'university life'. But you can still acing e-learning

Posted by Emily Redman on 27/10/20

What should journalists and newsrooms do when facing online abuse?

Feeding the trolls is a dangerous game but newsrooms must protect their in-house and freelance staff

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/10/20

Five tips from The Economist to perfect your newsletter strategy

Here is how to craft emails that will keep audiences informed but not overwhelmed

Posted by Jacob Granger on 23/09/20

Seven tips for journalism students to ace their virtual courses

University is going to be a bit different this year. Here is how to get the most of Zoom lectures

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/09/20

Eight ways to nail climate emergency reporting

Environmental topics are complicated beats to cover. Here is how to keep readers engaged and your coverage accurate

Posted by Jacob Granger on 02/09/20

How personal essays can help you win commissions

Baring your soul can open the doors to new publications or help you launch a paid-for newsletter

Posted by Suchandrika Chakrabarti on 22/07/20

How to work with international clients while freelancing in the UK

The hosts of the Freelancing for Journalists podcast share their top tips

Posted by Lily Canter, Emma Wilkinson on 06/07/20

Daniell Morrisey: How to prepare a killer CV

A career coach and head of talent for BBC shows talks about what makes a CV stand out to potential employers

Posted by Daniel Green on 12/02/20

10 tips for introducing mobile journalism into local newsrooms

Smartphones allow journalists to report from a crowd because they are lightweight and discreet

Posted by Jacob Granger on 13/01/20

'Audience canvas': create an audience-first strategy

Try this 45-minute audience growth method developed by Condé Nast and start turning fly-by readers into loyal followers

Posted by Jacob Granger on 02/12/19

Six tips to improve your radio and podcast interviews

Learn how to pick the right guests and not over-edit the conversation

Posted by Damian Radcliffe on 25/11/19

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