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Tip: Online safety advice for journalists

The internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for journalists. Learn how to protect yourself in the virtual world

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 05/10/21

Tip: Beef up your Twitter strategy

Find out about the platform's little-known functions that can improve your day-to-day work

Posted by Jacob Granger on 04/10/21

Tip: How to report on the Sustainable Development Goals

Uncover fresh stories about progress made in tacking global crises and start pitching to development desks and news organisations

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 01/10/21

Tip: How to get more insightful community feedback

A lot can be learned by listening to your audience. Here is how to make sure the conversation is constructive

Posted by Sage De-Hayes on 30/09/21

Tip: How to find unique sources

Do not sit back and wait for the perfect interviewee to drop into your inbox. Instead, take the initiative and make the first move

Posted by Sage De-Hayes on 29/09/21

Tip: How to approach potential mentors

Knowing in advance what you hope to gain from a mentorship can help you get more out of the relationship

Posted by Sage De-Hayes on 28/09/21

Tip: How to report responsibly on suspects of crime

Careless journalism can inflict wounds and make people’s lives unnecessarily difficult. AP shares reasons behind its new policy around crime reporting

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 27/09/21

Tip: Lessons on going full-time as a Substack writer

Casey Newton, author of the Platformer newsletter, shares lessons learned from one year as an independent creator on the email platform

Posted by Jacob Granger on 24/09/21

Tip: Use simple formats to cover emotionally-charged topics

FAQs and Q&As can help minimise perceptions of bias when writing about topics that generate strong opinions

Posted by Sage De-Hayes on 23/09/21

Tip: Improve environmental coverage with solutions journalism

Climate coverage should be more than just dire warnings and negative stories: audiences will benefit from seeing where action is being taken

Posted by Sage De-Hayes on 22/09/21

Tip: Convey the scale of inequality using visualisation tools

GIJN provides tips on how to help audiences connect with the reality behind the data of economic disparity

Posted by Sage De-Hayes on 20/09/21

Tip: Build trust by responding to readers' concerns

People have questions about what makes our work credible. Use those conversations to build connections with the community

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 17/09/21

Tip: Best practices for email interviews

Before sliding into your source's DMs, approach the situation with a journalistic mindset

Posted by Jacob Granger on 16/09/21

Tip: Become a razor sharp sub-editor

Less is often more when it comes to online journalism

Posted by Jacob Granger on 14/09/21

Tip: Write a winning pitch to attract funding

Seeking money to finance your next reporting project? Follow these steps to make your application stand out

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 13/09/21

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