Tip of the day

Tip: A step-by-step guide to creating immersive storytelling experiences

Learn how use hypothesis-driven design to make outstanding storytelling projects

Posted by Vidhisha Patel on 09/07/18

Tip: Productive ideas for slow holiday news week

Have some spare time this week? Here’s how to use it wisely

Posted by Vidhisha Patel on 05/07/18

Tip: Just starting out? Take note of this advice for the basics of writing good content

Essential writing skills for journalists, from being active to challenging your brief

Posted by Vidhisha Patel on 04/07/18

Tip: Things to keep in mind when working with fixers

Read this important advice on how to work with local journalists when reporting from abroad

Posted by Vidhisha Patel on 02/07/18

Tip: How to handle big projects in a small, local newsroom

Learn how to get that ambitious piece of work done with fewer ressources

Posted by George Sharpe on 29/06/18

Tip: advice for learning how to fly drones safely

Check out these five lessons about the drone part of drone journalism - and make it a smooth ride

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 28/06/18

Tip: How to prevent burnout

An exhausted management team might make for a busy newsroom, but maybe not a strong one. Here's some leadership advice on how to avoid burnout

Posted by George Sharpe on 27/06/18

Tip: Gain trust by being open about your motivations

Being open about why you’re covering a particular story can help journalists gain trust of the public

Posted by George Sharpe on 26/06/18

Tip: Advice for tackling gender imbalance in news media

Here's a list of practical ways you can better represent women voices in your news organisation

Posted by Caroline Scott on 22/06/18

Tip: Check out this advice for working with restricted access

An investigative journalist from Jordan shares her advice on how to report information from censored or restricted sources

Posted by Thea Matthews on 21/06/18

Tip: How to wow - advice to interns from mentors

10 managers gave their insights into how to be a successful intern

Posted by Thea Matthews on 18/06/18

Tip: How freelancers can build rapport with an editor

Experienced freelancers share their advice on becoming an editor’s go-to writer

Posted by Thea Matthews on 15/06/18

Tip: 13 lessons for journalists to create meaningful conversations

Lisa Rossi shares what she has learned this year as a journalism fellow at Stanford University

Posted by Thea Matthews on 14/06/18

Tip: 3 ways to make your voice sound better on air

Jessica Hansen, the voice of NPR’s funding credits and in-house voice coach, shares her top tips for sounding better

Posted by Thea Matthews on 13/06/18

Tip: What the latest iOS update means for journalists

Here's a roundup of advantages and disadvantages that Apple's latest software update brings for publishers and reporters

Posted by Thea Matthews on 12/06/18

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