Tip of the day

Tip: Bookmark this guide for making the most of social media analytics

How do your stories spread on social media and who is sharing them?

Posted by Jessica Graf on 25/05/17

Tip: Check out this advice for improving your use of drone technology

4 ways to tell compelling stories using aerial photos and videos

Posted by Jessica Graf on 24/05/17

Tip: Bookmark this advice for doing investigative journalism in the age of Trump

ProPublica shares its strategy for covering the new administration

Posted by Jessica Graf on 23/05/17

Tip: Learn more about recording equipment by following this audio production guide

Invest time into choosing the right microphone and editing tools before you set out to record a new podcast or video

Posted by Jessica Graf on 22/05/17

Tip: Consider these key points when using social media in the Middle East

Five key trends that publishers need to be aware of while working in the region

Posted by Jessica Graf on 19/05/17

Tip: Advice for planning large editorial projects with fewer resources

Getting different teams involved and asking for readers' input can help overcome obstacles such as lack of resources

Posted by Jessica Graf on 18/05/17

Tip: How to succeed on social without agonising over metrics

Calculations and figures can tell you a lot – but doing social media without numbers can help you learn a lot more about your audience

Posted by Jessica Graf on 17/05/17

Tip: 6 suggestions for using multimedia tools to cover climate change

Climate change is a complex subject, so check out these tips to help explain its importance to your audience

Posted by Jessica Graf on 16/05/17

Tip: 3 ways to deliver complex information through imagery

Science photography can be both eye-catching and informative – do your shots need a makeover?

Posted by Jessica Graf on 15/05/17

Tip: Bookmark this advice before making a map

Here are the three questions you should ask yourself before using mapping tools to tell stories

Posted by Jessica Graf on 10/05/17

Tip: Bookmark these pointers to avoid typos and spelling mistakes

Always double-check the grammar and spelling in your story before you hit the 'publish' button

Posted by Jessica Graf on 09/05/17

Tip: Remember this advice to get around a no-filming rule when reporting live

If you are looking to liveblog an event with strict no-filming rules, here are a few tips to help along the way

Posted by Jessica Graf on 08/05/17

Tip: Advice for conducting interviews that require interpreters

Use these tips to have a productive interaction with your interviewee and the interpreter, even if you don't speak the same language

Posted by Jessica Graf on 05/05/17

Tip: Check out this resource for creating engaging online videos

This guide includes tips for journalists on editing their videos, including what the ideal length is for each platform and how to use the comments section after uploading them

Posted by Jessica Graf on 04/05/17

Tip: Here's how to find election sources in your area using Facebook Graph

This tool can help you find and get in touch with citizens of different nationalities in your area

Posted by Jessica Graf on 03/05/17

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