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Tip: How to report on election misinformation

From misleading claims to targeted disinformation, here is how to fight infodemic surrounding big political events

Posted by Grace Braddock on 10/08/20

Tip: Beef up your digital security while working from home

Working through the covid-19 pandemic makes us more reliant on the internet than ever. Here is how to protect your devices and data

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 07/08/20

Tip: How to report on business if it is not your usual beat

The expected economic recession means that many reporters will be asked to cover unfamiliar topics - bookmark these tips for covering business

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 06/08/20

Tip: Sea, sun and storytelling exercise book

From polls for remote meetings to creative card decks and new messaging apps, here are 30 tools and websites to try out this summer

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 05/08/20

Tip: Make the most of your social media

Getting social media right is notoriously tricky but it is an important tool to engage with your audience during the pandemic. Here is a four-step plan

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 04/08/20

Tip: What to do when your internship falls through

Journalism students have found newsroom opportunities limited in the covid-19 era. Where else can they look to hone their talents?

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 03/08/20

Tip: How to report on online hate groups safely

Covering online hate can have some pretty scary real-world consequences, here’s some tips on how to stay safe on this beat

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 31/07/20

Tip: Make covid-19 data more accessible to readers

Create graphs and charts on the coronavirus pandemic in a way that can be easily understood

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 30/07/20

Tip: How to keep your career moving after losing your job

Thousands of journalists have been laid off throughout the coronavirus pandemic - here is how they can find new inspiration and work

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 29/07/20

Tip: How to start building your journalistic career during the covid-19 pandemic

Although many training schemes and internships are on hold, early-career journalists can kick-start their careers with these few tips

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 28/07/20

Tip: Free resources to help your newsroom cover the coronavirus

From grants to interviews, American Press Institute shows you the best sources of support for your covid-19 content

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 27/07/20

Tip: How to manage digital overload in the newsroom

Fact-gathering, honing your skills and being motivated are just some of the steps that can help reduce stress

Posted by Carlo Simone on 17/07/20

Tip: Instagram editor's advice on using the platform

Encouraging sharing and trying out interactive elements are just a couple of steps to up your presence and followers

Posted by Carlo Simone on 16/07/20

Tip: How to cover online social movements

Fact-checking and adding wider context are just some of the ways to effectively report on online activism

Posted by Carlo Simone on 15/07/20

Tip: Building trust for your media business during the covid-19 pandemic

Listening to your audience, providing quality information and using right platforms to reach your readers are all important steps to rebuild trust in reporting

Posted by Carlo Simone on 14/07/20

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