Tip of the day

Tip: Tech guide to freelance journalism

Use these tools for everything from editing to monitoring your finances to make your freelancing life just a bit easier

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 17/06/19

Tip: Prepare for your next conference

Use these six steps to score more contacts and story leads at your next social gathering

Posted by Jacob Granger on 13/06/19

Tip: Eight ways to use spreadsheets for data journalism

Use these handy tips to get the numbers right and have more time for focusing on your story

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 10/06/19

Tip: Make your stories more balanced

Use these seven free tools to overcome unconscious biases in day-to-day reporting

Posted by Jacob Granger on 06/06/19

Tip: How to dig up information online

Learn how to scour social media with this tipsheet on finding personal information for your next investigation

Posted by Jacob Granger on 05/06/19

Tip: Learn the latest social media language

#ICYMI: here are 101 acronyms to help stay on trend on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/06/19

Tip: Reinvent your social media strategy

Make the most out of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by being deliberate when it comes to amplifying content and engaging with audiences

Posted by Jacob Granger on 31/05/19

Tip: How to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign

Planning to start a fundraising campaign? Follow this expert advice

Posted by Daniel Green on 30/05/19

Tip: How to get journalists away from the newsroom

Here are five tips on how to afford to send reporters out in the field instead of being stuck at their news desk

Posted by Jacob Granger on 29/05/19

Tip: How to report on medical studies

Use this three-step guide to understand which scientific topics will resonate with audiences - and how to get it right

Posted by Daniel Green on 28/05/19

Tip: Use these quick verification shortcuts

These easy-to-remember acronyms and go-to questions come in handy and save you time when assessing whether claims are true or false

Posted by Jacob Granger on 23/05/19

Tip: Boost traffic to your website

Use these tried-and-tested free techniques to drive viewers to your blog or news site

Posted by Jacob Granger on 22/05/19

Tip: Engage your Twitter followers

Here is why it pays for journalists and news organisations to reply to their social media audience

Posted by Daniel Green on 21/05/19

Tip: Create a powerful diversity statement

Send a strong message that your company is committed to internal and external inclusivity

Posted by Jacob Granger on 20/05/19

Tip: Discover your first podcast

Learn how to download, stream and subscribe to the many different options out there on mobile devices

Posted by Jacob Granger on 17/05/19

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