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Tip: A beginner's guide to creating podcast audiograms

Struggling to gain listeners on your latest podcast episode? The Podcast Host has an easy guide on creating attention-grabbing audiograms

Posted by Alisa Anwar on 14/12/20

Tip: Produce podcasts (without it taking over your life)

No more late nights and overtime. Bookmark these seven shortcuts to get your audio shows out faster

Posted by Jacob Granger on 07/12/20

Tip: Ten common mistakes to avoid as a journalist

We are all human. Here are all the easy errors to watch out for as a reporter

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 20/11/20

Tip: Ten considerations when making FOI requests

Use this guide next time you are firing off an email to a public authority requesting information

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 19/11/20

Tip: Eight steps to write like a journalist

Use these classic techniques to craft a compelling news story

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 18/11/20

Tip: Top tips for speaking on camera

Struggling with your camera presence? Check out these 10 techniques for presenting like a pro

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 17/11/20

Tip: How to find free music for your next video

Bookmark this comprehensive online resource so you can always get that perfect soundtrack for your video package

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 16/11/20

Tip: How to become a broadcast journalist

Dreaming of a job shooting b-roll and recording voiceovers? The School of Journalism shares everything you need about entering broadcast journalism

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 13/11/20

Tip: Five iPhone apps for shooting video

Need to create television-quality content using your smartphone? Mobile journalism trainer Wytse Vellinga offers his favourite tools for the job

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 12/11/20

Tip: Prepare for full-time freelancing

Bookmark this first-hand advice for managing life as a freelance writer

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 11/11/20

Tip: Coping with the impacts of distressing and traumatic reporting

IJNet has put together a self-care guide for reporters who have been mentally affected by their journalism

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 10/11/20

Tip: Ten ways to investigate police misconduct

GIJN provides the essential tools and strategies to bolster your reporting on the police in your country

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 09/11/20

Tip: Shoot professional video content from home

Is creating video a big part of your job, personal brand or career goals? Here are six tips for setting up a home video studio

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 06/11/20

Tip: Make your mark on the journalism industry

Want to stand out and impress senior staff in the newsroom? Telegraph reporter Lizzy Burden offers six tips for aspiring journalists

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 05/11/20

Tip: Cover mental health responsibly

How we report personal subjects has a lasting impact on our readers. Journoresources spoke to three experienced journalists for their best advice on covering mental health

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 04/11/20

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