Tip of the day

Tip: An editor's guide to supporting staff's mental health

Burnout, stress and anxiety are all factors at play when reporters are isolated and the news cycle is grim. Here is how to protect your journalists

Posted by Jacob Granger on 16/03/21

Tip: How to break into data journalism

You do not need a journalism degree to become a great data reporter

Posted by Ella Cotton on 12/03/21

Tip: Ten steps to plan out your podcast

Behind every great show is a tonne of brainstorming on script, structure and strategy

Posted by Ella Cotton on 11/03/21

Tip: How to successfully pitch to journalists

Reporters at Techcrunch, New York Times and Mashable reveal the difference between a story that goes to press, and one that goes in the trash folder

Posted by Ella Cotton on 10/03/21

Tip: Top skills needed to break into journalism

From good communication to working well under pressure, these are the traits that employers look for in a new hire

Posted by Ella Cotton on 09/03/21

Tip: Nine best practices for reporting on covid-19

Four journalists spanning four continents share lessons learned one year on from the start of the pandemic

Posted by Ella Cotton on 08/03/21

Tip: Interviewing musicians 101

Learn how to get the best quotes and insights when speaking to singers and songwriters

Posted by Jacob Granger on 05/03/21

Tip: A student's guide to writing reviews

Whether it is for a live event or a new video game, make sure your write-up is fair and thorough

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/03/21

Tip: Become an authentic TV news presenter

Learn how to get rid of the rambling and nervous ticks while delivering news on the screen

Posted by Jacob Granger on 02/03/21

Tip: How to use TikTok to reach new audiences

BBC journalist Sophia Smith Galer shares advice for journalists looking to flock to the platform best known for viral dance trends

Posted by Nathan Clarke on 01/03/21

Tip: Pick the right platform for remote podcasting

Consider a few of these options when you cannot interview your guests face-to-face

Posted by Nathan Clarke on 25/02/21

Tip: How to challenge claims

Sometimes statements hide the truth and you need a healthy dose of scepticism to sort out the facts from fiction

Posted by Nathan Clarke on 24/02/21

Tip: How to submit an FOI request

Freedom of Information can act as springboards for powerful pieces of investigative journalism. But how to get the information you want?

Posted by Nathan Clarke on 23/02/21

Tip: How to find good news in data

Data stories often focus on tragedies and failures. But what if we married data and solutions journalism?

Posted by Nathan Clarke on 22/02/21

Tip: Google search advice for journalists

Do not just punch in search terms and hope for the best. Learn how filters and keywords can refine what you are looking for

Posted by Nishan Chilkuri on 19/02/21

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