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Tip: Recommendations for working with inconsistent data

Parts of your data might be inconsistent, missing or have a problematic structure – here's how to deal with it

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 20/02/18

Tip: Advice for making events a part of your newsroom's engagement strategy

From live journalism to member-only gatherings, events can help news organisations get to know their audiences better

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 19/02/18

Tip: How to tell stories using small data sets

An impactful story can come from combining and analysing multiple smaller data sets, as opposed to focusing just on big data

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 16/02/18

Tip: Check out these apps to enhance your mobile storytelling

Investing in these apps can help you upgrade your filming and audio

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 15/02/18

Tip: How to increase the open rate of your newsletter

Sticking to a set publishing schedule will help your readers get into the habit of reading your newsletter

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 13/02/18

Tip: You can now shape future cooperation between journalists and funders

Check out this collaborative document pointing out problems and solutions in this space

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 12/02/18

Tip: Check out this guide for getting started with investigative data journalism

Here's how to start and structure a data journalism story

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 09/02/18

Tip: Bookmark this advice for pitching feature articles

Pay attention to how you structure your email pitch if you don't want it to go unnoticed

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 08/02/18

Tip: Remember these pointers for creating a local newsletter

Find out which type of email newsletter works best for your local audience and how you can structure it

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 06/02/18

Tip: How journalists can find and visualise sports data

Sports data is often more granular, and subject to intense scrutiny from devoted fans

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 05/02/18

Tip: Use these tools to collect and showcase your work

Platforms such as Muck Rack and Contently can help you build and maintain your online portfolio

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 02/02/18

Tip: Use these tools to keep your sources and digital work safe

Encrypted apps, secure file storage and password managers can help reporters minimise the risk of a cyberattack

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 31/01/18

Tip: Remember these pointers for shooting with 360-degree cameras

Give your viewer enough time to look around, and set up your camera like it's a person

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 30/01/18

Tip: Check out this advice for improving your newsletter

Having a voice and mission can increase a newsletter's open rate and number of subscribers

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 29/01/18

Tip: Why journalists should use design methods in reporting

Using design not as a layout but as a way of thinking can help reporters map complex issues

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 26/01/18

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