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Tip: How to spot the actors behind covid-19 disinformation

GIJN has compiled six tools and six techniques to unmask those distorting information about the global pandemic

Posted by Carlo Simone on 13/07/20

Tip: Use up-to-date and reliable covid-19 data

With coronavirus cases and deaths constantly rising across the world, here is a useful source to make sure you are using the latest figures in your coverage

Posted by Daniel Green on 09/04/20

Tip: Add solutions journalism to your coronavirus coverage

Solutions Journalism Network has compiled a set of solutions-focused stories which can be republished under a Creative Commons license

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/04/20

Tip: Producing podcasts from home

No need to compromise on podcast quality during lockdown. Duvets and socks can help get clean audio

Posted by Daniel Green on 07/04/20

Tip: Free tools and content to help you cover the covid-19 pandemic

American Press Institute rounds up some of the free tools and grant funding available to newsrooms to help with coronavirus coverage

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 06/04/20

Tip: Adapting university lessons to video conferences

UK university course leaders and lecturers reveal how they have kept students' studies going on Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/04/20

Tip: How to create a homemade vocal booth

Embrace your DIY spirit, and make a soundproofed recording set-up using a few household items

Posted by Amy Batt on 01/04/20

Tip: Five tips to cover covid-19 responsibly

Accuracy is key to reporting on coronavirus, here are some ways to make sure what you are reporting is factually correct

Posted by Amy Batt on 31/03/20

Tip: Nine ways to beat the stress of covid-19 coverage

Coronavirus is a story that never rests, so self-care is important to keep your spirits lifted

Posted by Amy Batt on 30/03/20

Tip: A crash course in mojo filming

A BBC mobile journalist offers some starting points for mobile journalism newcomers

Posted by Daniel Green on 27/03/20

Tip: A journalist's guide to video conferencing

In times of working from home, platforms like Skype and Zoom can be viable options to carry on doing interviews and editorial meetings. Here is everything you need to know

Posted by Daniel Green on 26/03/20

Tip: Advice for journalism students during the coronavirus lockdown

The pandemic has caused disruption and uncertainty to university students unable to leave their homes, but it is still possible to make the most of the situation

Posted by Jacob Granger on 24/03/20

Tip: Take care of yourself and your newsroom during the coronavirus pandemic

As the covid-19 outbreak turns everyone's lives upside down, here is how to protect your health, cover the crisis and plan events

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 23/03/20

Tip: How to efficiently work from home

As many employees are now working from home because of the covid-19 pandemic, here are some clever tips and techniques to make the most of your time away from the office

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 19/03/20

Tip: Seven ways to avoid misinformation about covid-19

Journalists need to be worried not just about passing the virus on to colleagues, but also spreading false information about the disease

Posted by Daniel Green on 18/03/20

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