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Tip: Safety tips for photojournalists in the time of covid-19

Are you a photographer covering the coronavirus pandemic? Bookmark this advice from experts who documented health crises like Ebola, SARS and H1N1 flu

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 01/09/20

Tip: Become a remote interviewing pro

Talking to a source far, far away? Here is how to get the most out of your interview

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 28/08/20

Tip: A beginner’s guide to launching a podcast

What does it take to make an engaging show? IJNet walks you through everything you need to know to get started

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 27/08/20

Tip: Edit your videos to perfection

Bookmark these eight tips and tricks to make your videos the best they can be

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 26/08/20

Tip: Five tips for reporting on covid-19 vaccines correctly

Help your readers make sense of the information overload surrounding coronavirus vaccines with this expert advice

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 25/08/20

Tip: Avoid alarmist reporting on school reopenings

As students return to classrooms, journalists must ensure coverage is accurate but not distressing. Here is how to report on the subject sensibly

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 24/08/20

Tip: Create universal links to your podcast

Having podcasts available on a number of different platforms can leave your promotional posts crammed with links. Here is how to get a universal link for everyone

Posted by Grace Braddock on 21/08/20

Tip: Make your journalism collaboration a success

To make it through the current crisis, the industry must band together. Here are five pointers on working with other newsrooms

Posted by Grace Braddock on 19/08/20

Tip: Six steps to track covid-19 World Bank funding by country

With rising concerns about the misuse of aid funding, GIJN shows you how to find out where the money is being spent and who the money is going to

Posted by Grace Braddock on 18/08/20

Tip: How to keep your social media accounts safe

Bookmark these 10 tips to protect your personal and your company's social accounts

Posted by Grace Braddock on 17/08/20

Tip: How to use climate change imagery effectively

Follow these eight evidence-based tips on engaging your audience with impactful visuals when covering environmental issues

Posted by Grace Braddock on 14/08/20

Tip: How to create perfect social video for each platform

What is the ideal length for a Twitter video or the correct dimensions for a Facebook video? Check out this guide

Posted by Grace Braddock on 13/08/20

Tip: Prepare for the world of freelancing

There is more to being a freelancer than contracts and pitching - you need to think of yourself as a business owner

Posted by Grace Braddock on 12/08/20

Tip: Nine recent studies every journalist should know about

From reporting on homelessness to building trust in news, this research round-up is an essential read for all reporters hungry to discover the latest journalistic methods and data

Posted by Grace Braddock on 11/08/20

Tip: How to report on election misinformation

From misleading claims to targeted disinformation, here is how to fight infodemic surrounding big political events

Posted by Grace Braddock on 10/08/20

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