Credit: Brett Jordan from Pexels

One of Twitter's most important aspects is its interactivity, according to the executive director of the independent news website The Walrus, Jennifer Hollett. Yet many journalists are not using the platform to its full potential.

To help you make the most out of Twitter, Hollett outlined five ways that journalists can maximise their audience engagement.  

"Unlike with a traditional TV broadcast or newspaper article, the public can take an active role in a story by replying directly to journalists on Twitter," she writes.

It is important to engage in conversation with the public by responding to tweets, retweeting, contributing to debates, and answering questions. You can also take viewers behind the scenes so they understand the process of your work. Most of all, do not forget to have fun and remind your audience that you are human. 

Not only does this help you grow followers, but it allows you to "break down barriers between journalists and their audiences" to cultivate trust in the media. 

The public, in turn, provides an incredible source for leads and information. As a result, increased audience engagement will help you grow as a journalist. 

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