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"Introducing a product or special project to an organisation can’t succeed as a one-person endeavour", writes Janine Anderson, engagement consultant at Hearken, in this post on Medium, adding that small and mid-sized outlets offer staff the flexibility to introduce new ideas but also often expect them to figure out by themselves how to put them into practice.

In her post, Anderson explains how you can put together a team for your project or product, how to develop a plan for it, how to get feedback from colleagues and how to evaluate it or evolve it once it's launched.

Before you get started, you should consider these questions: who is the target audience for the new initiative? Who in your organisation should give their seal of approval for it to be put into practice, and which of your colleagues might be able to help?

When it comes to building a team, you want to have relevant members on board from the beginning, so tell people about your idea and "let them know you value their perspective on it" by getting their input on these questions.

For more on planning and executing editorial projects, check out the FT's IKEA-inspired toolkit and these questions to help determine whether the direction and the approach to a story is the best it can be.

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