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If you're looking to get started with a collaborative journalism project, check out this article from Bertrand Pecquerie at the Data Journalism Den, where Mar Cabra, award-winning data journalist, former head of the Data & Research Unit at ICIJ, and Global Editors Network Board member, shares her tips for success.

Cabra emphasises the importance of building a network and analysing the personalities of your teammates before you get started, to ensure people can work well together and have the people skills necessary to be trustworthy and the values your team needs.

"I would actually compare it to dating," she explains.

"If you’re on Tinder, before you go on a date with somebody, you want to understand whether this person has the same values and the view of the world as you do."

She goes on to explain the importance of planning the writing and editing process, as well as the necessity of fact-checking data.

"Even the best data journalists make mistakes," she says.

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