When starting out in the world of podcasting, it is normal to make easy mistakes in order to develop. But when you have been in podcasts long enough, you start to develop an awareness of throwaway lines in other podcasts which get on your nerves.

Just as those early errors provide room to improve, those pet hates also make you mindful of certain phrases for you to avoid in your own work, writes audio producer Chris Quiletti on his blog The Ginger Guy.

One of his biggest gripes is drawing attention to adverts, and there are a few particular clichés that we could all live without.

“I used to hate the idea of ads on radio and podcasts, but they’re a necessary evil. If you’ve got to do an ad then get on with it, making a point of saying; ‘sorry, time for the ad’, ‘time for the boring bit’ (that’s a real one) or ‘time to pay the bills’ takes away from what you’re doing,” he wrote.

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