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The interview plays a crucial role in every reporter's story – human perspective and opinion is key to context and understanding, so how can journalists best prepare themselves in order to get the most from each human interaction?

Well, whether you're carrying out an interview over the phone or out in the field, there are a few things every journalist should take into account in order to do a successful interview, reporter Dana Liebelson explains.

In this article on IJNet, Liebelson gives advice on how to prepare for every interview, and what to do before, during and after your interview.

Among other tips, the author recommends embracing the digital age, by doing a quick Google search and going through the interviewee's social media profiles, to find out more about them and avoid asking questions that have been already answered. She explains that online tools can help journalists find interviewees, record notes and review them, and connect with them quickly and efficiently.

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